Monthly Archives: October 2008

How I’m getting Ready for NaNoWriMo

Tim asked me to blog about how I’m getting ready for NaNoWriMo this year. Well, I’m saying no to anything and everything in November except for a few special commitments–like my daughter coming back from college on the 1st for two days, and a special event at my synagogue, also on November 1st. I have […]

Kick-off over, but still plenty of time to plot & plan

On October 4th, we met at the 95th library for the kick-off. We worked on plot and characters, including writing a few line plot and passing it around our table for twists. The question and answer included testimonials from people who have done NaNoWriMo before. Add in brownies, cookies, and a reporter, and I’m sure […]

Saturday’s kick-off

For the first time in our young NaNoWriMo region’s history (we were first a separate region in 2005), our NaNoWriMo kick-off is in October instead of November. It’s this Saturday (October 4th). We chose this date because there are invariably people who come to the kick-off who never have heard of NaNo before; and when […]

NaNoWriMo site down (10/1)

The NaNoWriMo site went down this morning. The staff wrote: In the wee hours of October 1, after running like a brave champion, one of our two database servers, Lekempti, had what looks to be a very grave hardware failure. Lekempti is off-line now, and is getting new android guts installed. In the meantime, we’re […]