Come out tonight to Barnes and Noble

Our final October preparatory workshop is tonight at the downtown Naperville Barnes and Noble (up in the cafe in the second floor). Joe (Corrupted_Flame) and I will be hosting the event. What do we have planned?

Well, I wish I could say we have everything planned to a T but the truth is that this week has been really, really busy for me AND it is difficult to plan out an event like this where there will be quite a mix of folks coming: experienced WriMo’s with notebooks of notes and outlines and new novelists who may only have character and setting determined. I was also very impressed with what we were able to achieve through our energetic discussion last Saturday. I now believe that we can rely on the energy of the participants (and these events have never failed–it is remarkable how much energy is present when you get a bunch of writers together) and our collective experience and creativity to make magic happen.

Everyone who comes to our workshop tonight will leave better prepared for NaNo.

Also, if I get a little time, I’ll try to print out a mindmap of notes I prepared from three books on novel writing I read and was very impressed with in September.

Hope to see many of you tonight!


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