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Hello, Illinois::Naperville!

I believe most of you probably saw Chris Baty’s recent e-mail about the upcoming NaNoWriMo site lockdown (Sep 21-Oct 1) in preparation for the unveiling of what has been promised as a much more reliable AND feature-filled site than last year’s. I hope that many of you are returning for this fall’s National Novel Writing Month–Katherine (KatherineWriting), Melinda (scrtprncs) and I (NewMexicoKid) have put together a good program of local events and resources to supplement the online forums.

Take a look at our calendar of events.

Everything starts with our October 4th kick-off from 1-3 pm (Saturday) at the 95th Street Library (room B). If you can, please drop us a line to let us know you’re coming so we can be prepared. Yes, our kick-off is in October; no you can’t start writing your NaNo novel then … BUT you CAN start preparing for what we hope will be an awesomely successful NaNo for everyone.

Second: we can use your help to publicize our events. Print out a flyer and post it at a local cafe or library bulletin board. Recruit your friends! Post a sign at your table when you eat lunch out and talk to folks who stop by…

We have two other preparatory events in October: 2-4 pm, Saturday, Oct 18 at Panera’s on Ogden in Naperville; and 7-9 pm, Saturday, Oct 23 at the downtown Naperville Barnes and Noble. All promise to be useful and fun. There won’t be a November 1st kick-off; however, we *will* have write-ins on both Saturdays and Sundays in November. See the calendar of events above for details.

If you miss NaNo’s forums during the site lockdown, come on by the NaperWriMo one (back up for now–we’ll see if we can keep the spammers at bay this year).

Finally, we could use some help at our fall events (e.g., helping to meet and greet newcomers at the events)–let us know if you can help out.


P.S. I’ve updated our NaperWriMo cafepress shop with the “book and quill” logo. All proceeds will be used to offset our local expenses (e.g., nametags, goodies for the events); any surplus will be sent to the nonprofit NaNoWriMo HQ for their expenses.

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