Pre-NaNo Jabber Writing Sessions

The pre-NaNoWriMo jabber writing sessions will be Friday (October 26th), 8-9 pm and Saturday (October 27th), 8-9 pm. If you do not yet have a jabber account and would like to participate, please send me a NaNomail or e-mail.

Since it will be before November 1st, we cannot write anything for our NaNo novels; however, you should find it very helpful to prime the pump by participating in these word wars that should also help you frame your novel. My idea is to focus Friday on the protagonist and Saturday on the antagonist (if you don’t have one (or the other), you can be more creative), writing a short story or scene or set of scenes of pre-history/prequel to your novel. Doing this in the timed atmosphere of our jabber chat room in one hour should help you prepare to start NaNoWriMo by hitting the ground running.

Don’t forget: this Saturday is our NaperWriMo pre-kick-off pot luck party at the Naperville Municipal Center. This event promises to be lots of fun: if you are thinking of attending, please RSVP so we can plan the food and such appropriately. We (Meredith, Melinda and I) have special gifts prepared for all who attend the pre-kick-off party, including neat stickers from the national organization. We’ll also be singing our storied regional song, doing some writing exercises and playing games, so do yourself a favor and come out for a terrific time.



  • Hi! Been getting napernano emails for a couple years. Never have done Nano because I’m always going out of town the end of November. Am not going out of town this November, and am thinking about doing Nano, but S C A R E D!!

    Can you email me so I can ask some questions?

    [e-mail address removed for privacy reasons]

  • Stephanie, I’ve e-mailed a reply to you. In general, yes, NaNoWriMo is very scary. Writing 50,000 words for fun in November (arguably one of the busiest months of the year) without getting a grade for it or getting paid for it (well, at least not right away 😉 is a daunting prospect for many… Then you have to consider how much you want to finally write and complete a book and how the deadlines and warm and welcoming community (both in the forums online and in the regional events) will help you cross that finish line…

    I would say “Go for it!” — after all, it’s not nearly as dangerous as sky diving 🙂


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