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Notes from the final prep workshop

111022_nano_prep_session3 Saturday, October 22nd was the date of the third and final prep workshop for the 2011 NaNoWriMo. Led by Crystal Blount (dreamhigher11), this workshop focused on dialogue and the use of dialect. This is Crystal’s 3rd year entering the competition. Won once; gave up once. She teaches technical writing for a living. 30 people […]

NaNoWriMo Prep Session 2: What to avoid

111015_nano_workshop2 On Saturday, October 15th, Heather Jones aka AmaranthMuse led a workshop at the Nichols Library in Naperville before what may be the largest turnout we’ve had at an October workshop: 42 people attended (!). Nano_prep_guide_short_111020.pptx the presentation Heather used on Saturday Nano_preparation_guide_111020.pptx the long form of the presentation (extra pages) Here are my notes […]

Tom shares his tips on plot development

Tom Ostler (aka tomster) gave a terrific workshop Saturday, October eighth. Held at the Nichols Library Community Room (we thank the Naperville Public Library for their sponsorship!), the session was highly interactive and covered strategies for plot development and tips for successfully navigating NaNoWriMo. In one exercise, Tom had us answering four questions in response […]

RSVP for our October events!

The RSVP form for our October events is now available. Please help us plan for these events (e.g., # of handouts, etc). Just visit http://naperwrimo.org/oct2011/ Thanks!

Notes from Prep Session Three

Yesterday was our third and final prep workshop for November. Joe Turpin (aka Corrupted Flame) was the host for this session, which focused on Character Development. Many thanks to Joe for a great session! My notes for this session are a bit sketchy because I was the only ML in attendance and had to break […]

Reminder: Last prep workshop Saturday, Oct 16th

Just a reminder that the third and final prep workshop is Saturday, October 16th. It will be led by Joe Turpin and will cover character development. Come on out to the 95th Street Library in Naperville, 1-3 pm CST.

All about POV’s – notes from the second prep session

Yesterday was our second preparatory workshop, led by our vibrant Crystal Blount.. We had twenty two people in attendance, not a bad turnout for our first Aurora Public Library event.