Monthly Archives: November 2010

Important information from NaNoWriMo

Saturday, Nov 13th is “Back-Up Your Novel Day.” I can’t tell you how many emails I get from people who lost their novels and are wondering if we have copies of them. Of course we don’t, so that’s why we always encourage people to back them up on a separate computer or hard drive! One […]

Naperville Sun story about our region

Just saw this Naperville Sun story about our region by Jenette Sturges. Take a read…

First week blahs — how to fix them

I’ve been seeing a few posts and nanomails from folks who find themselves slowing down or blocked from proceeding further with their novels. I think that some of this may be due to inexperience with the novel form. It is not uncommon for people who have written short stories to run into this phenomenon even […]

nanowrimo site slow/creaky

Just a quick note: I know that the site has been very, very slow or timing out or even down at times yesterday and today. This is … er… normal. That is, it’s happened before in the past. Don’t fret–it typically only lasts a day or maybe a few days; and then it clears […]

Plot bunnies at Eola Road tonight, 6-8 pm!

I’ll be at the Eola Road branch library tonight with plot bunny prizes for the first Aurora Public Library write-in (6-8 pm). Come on out!