Pet WriMo Rocks

What are they? For decades at least (and maybe millenia before that; the archeological records are unclear), people around the world have domesticated and cared for their pet rocks. Pet rocks are, once domesticated, remarkably easy to take care of and, if their owner has the right imagination, they are lovable.

WriMo Rocks were bred by Writers, particularly by those who participate in the November Writing Month (thus their breed name). With their polished demeanor, easy smiles and convenient sizes, WriMo Rocks make excellent pets for those desiring to write works of fiction in November or even throughout the year.

Figure 1. WriMo Rocks on display at a rock show. These are the rare golden-eyed WriMo Rocks (not to be confused with the googly-eyed WriMo Rocks that originated in the mountain regions of the world).

Instructions for WriMoRocks twittering

Share your WriMo Rock adventures by sending us your WriMoRock twitter or RSS feed. WriMo Rocks love to share stories about what their writer owners are doing. Note: posts must be kept to a G or PG rating--some of the WriMo Rocks are of tender years.

If establishing a new account for your WriMo Rock, note that many WriMo Rock usernames begin with WMR_ or WriMoRock_.

Care Instructions

For your convenience, a PDF file with the care instructions is available for you to download and print out.

Where to find WriMo-Rocks

WriMo Rocks can be obtained from Municipal Liaisons of participating regions such as Illinois::Naperville; however, if not available from that source, WriMo Rocks can be cultivated from commercial suppliers or tamed from the wild.