Although the Naperville region has used the jabber server for years and years, we are looking to move to the IRC-based chatroom that is provided by karalianne (Janna), the ML for Canada :: Saskatchewan :: Saskatoon jabber server instructions

If you don't already have an account, send a NaNoMail to NewMexicoKid. Note that you can use your google gmail account! (see below)

How do you access jabber?

You could use this java applet: Start the Jeti applet

... but I recommend that you install a dedicated jabber client like Pidgin (known for stability and support for XMPP (Jabber), AIM, Yahoo, MSN, and other instant messaging protocols; it is available on all platforms) or Exodus (Windows-only). Many Mac users prefer Adium. All of these are free clients. If you are using an Android system, Xabber is a very good free client.

Setting up your account in Pidgin

You can use your gmail account (

Or you can use the account you get from NewMexicoKid ( for most folks):

Make sure you have jabber use encryption if available (don't require it):

Adding the chat room in Pidgin

You can either just join a chat or add a chat. Doing the latter creates a bookmark in your pidgin Buddy List that you can subsequently click upon to join the room. You should use for the chat server and specify the naperville room.

Adding the chat room in Pidgin (with your google/gmail account)

You can use your gmail/google account. See this (this is a pidgin configuration screen, but the values should translate to other jabber clients):

Pidgin troubleshooting

What should you do if you see error messages like: "require encryption which is not available on this server"?

Make sure that in the Accounts->Manage Accounts (from the Buddy list), select your new jabber account, then make sure that in the Advanced tab you don't have any of the top three boxes checked off under XMPP Options.


Some mac folks like to use Adium. Sapphire writes:

[11/18/07 2:13 pm] After opening Adium, navigate to ADIUM ---> PREFERENCES (in the top menu)
[11/18/07 2:13 pm] A box will pop up showing all accounts. Click the + sign in the 
                             bottom-left of that box and select "Jabber".
[11/18/07 2:14 pm] <-- fill in these fields. 
                             ( I assume)
[11/18/07 2:15 pm] After that, press OKAY and it will show your account in the blank space on 
                             the previous window. If it's not already connecting, check the checkbox at 
                             the left of the account name.

Recently, thePiratess wrote: I took a screenshot of the settings that work for me:

And The Pedder of Dreams found this applescript solution for auto-joining jabber chat rooms in Adium


Adding the chat room in the JETI browser client

The chat room we will use in our region is: naperville on the server. When there are word wars going on in that room, folks should use the naperwrimo chat room on the same jabber chat conference server. We now have jabber bots in both rooms (word_war and Write_or_Die).

10/6/2009: There are instructions on how to set up Pidgin

Here is an example of how to populate the group chat settings. The one on the right is for the account (see how the is the jabber account's server; but the chat room server is in all cases.

if you are using the Jeti applet. Once you login, right click on the JETI token to bring up the menu. Open the group chat->join option to get the dialog shown in this figure.

To connect to the room, in the Jeti applet window, click on the Jeti button (lower-left) and select Groupchat->Join/Create. This will bring up this dialogue box:

We have two rooms: naperville and naperwrimo