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timestamp title topics author or URL
10/19/2013 22:50:36 Google Everything. Everything in the world. link; Aethre
10/19/2013 22:51:48 Wolfram Alpha Mostly fact/number based stuff. Good for weird things like finding the popularity of names. link; Aethre
10/19/2013 23:13:24 Pro Writing Aid Writing analysis -- eg, overused words, cliches, etc. link; Aethre
10/19/2013 23:15:00 Outer Space Exposure Just linking to a specific article about what actually happens when exposed to the vacuum of spaaaace. link; Aethre
10/24/2013 14:57:31 Harvard Dialect Survey Regional dialects of English in the United States link; alynna
10/26/2013 0:25:54 Armchair General Forums Military history. Historic and modern military strategy, tactics, and equipment. Stories and experiences from international veterans. Discussion of history-related literature, media. International current events and politics. link; Super Six 4
10/27/2013 9:56:29 Google! Maybe it is because I am an adult and a teacher, but I find the questions on the forums incredible. Someone will ask, does anyone know a website about xyz? And I think hmmmm, look it up and immediately there are 20 sites on it. I don't want to lecture anyone in the forums, so I writing to you and maybe you can say it. link; Rollingmoma
10/29/2013 23:24:55 Folktexts Archive of various folktales from around the world, organized according to subject. link;
11/1/2013 19:54:46 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society types of leukemia and lympohoma, treatment for both - great starting place! ; kitandkat
11/1/2013 19:56:04 National Comprehensive Cancer Network Treatment Guidelines detailed flow charts for diagnosing and treating different types of cancer link; kitandkat
11/1/2013 19:57:24 National Cancer Institute Cancer Topics Approachable/understandable but thorough information on cancer diagnosis, treatment, and other details link; kitandkat
11/3/2013 22:06:47 Categorized Idiom List Excellent resource for common and uncommon idiomatic expressions. There's search and sort by letter features, but my favorite way to find new idioms to use is the categories. I use these idioms for my chapter titles, but they're useful off-NaNo too! link; likelolwhat
11/4/2013 0:09:33 A Fact-Checking Community for Writers fact-checking forum for minor details link; solomonj
11/5/2013 14:48:49 I Write Like This web site is quite interesting. You enter a block of text (something longer than a tweet, the longer the better), and this site will analyze it and tell you what professional writer you seem to write like. My longer work came up as Margaret Atwood, the second one was William Gibson. It's very fun, even if it doesn't seem very accurate. (One day we ALL got Arthur C Clarke, even David Gerrold, who NEVER gets, "writes like David Gerrold") link; bcgrote
11/8/2013 13:03:38 Wildwood Survival Surviving in the woods, particularly with primitive tools. There's a forum if you have a question that the main website doesn't answer, and a sister site dedicated to tracking. link; Stella Malodi
11/10/2013 21:01:36 Absolute Write It's a website for queries on a vast number of subjects for writers regarding the plots, characterizations, etc. in their books as well as resources to find betas, publishers, agents, editors etc. link; Susan Leigh
11/12/2013 0:30:33 Police Executive Research Forum Police police procedure standard operating procedure reference site for actual law enforcement Awards Budgeting Community Policing Compstat Crime Critical Issues in Policing Series DNA & Forensics Digital Six Sigma Early Intervention Systems Economy Eyewitness Identification FTO GIS & Crime Mapping Gun Violence Reduction Homicide Human Resources Issues Immigration Information Technology Jobs Juvenile Justice LECSR LEOPRD Lawyers & Policing Leadership Legislative Affairs Management Education Meetings NIBRS PERF Publications Planning and Research Police & Mental Health Police & Public Health Police Equipment Police Evaluation Police Management Police Selection Press Releases Problem Solving & Community Policing Racially Biased Policing SMIP Safe Cities Sexual Assault Sniper Report Subject to Debate Technology Terrorism Use of Force ; Choraed
11/16/2013 22:53:12 Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Everything you want to know about philosophy and philosophers, from metaphysics to political theory. Includes both formal and applied philosophy. Good representation of minorities in philosophy; feminist philosophy, disability, philosophy of race, philosophy of gender and transgenderism, etc. link; virtual.jess
10/5/2014 13:20:22 Writer's Guide to Government Information This site points to (mostly US) government resources that can answer questions on physical settings, plants, wildlife, history, space, crime, medical issues, poisons, US military history and more. Each resource entry comes with sample questions that can be answered with the resource. Some sections may be useful in generating story ideas. link; Daniel Cornwall
10/20/2014 14:01:14 Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management Advice for running a Victorian household, Victorian cookery and recipes link; SuriSerendipity
11/2/2014 22:29:20 The Emotion Thesaurus It works like a thesaurus, but instead of vocabulary, it gives you body language. Look up an emotion and pick from a list of actions, mannerisms, and facial expressions that will show rather than tell! link; Reyka Sivao
11/4/2014 19:21:39 Medieval Jobs Jobs for Medieval and Fantasy characters. link; Shinigamiko
11/14/2014 7:28:07 High Middle Ages prices and wages link; randomcat
11/16/2014 10:49:33 This website allows you to plug in details of a home: like how many levels, how many bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. And it'll produce images of the exterior as well as interior plans and layouts geared exactly to your specifications. It would be very useful for world building or just figuring out what room your protagonist would walk into from the front door of say, a cottage or farmhouse or bungalow, etc. link; SleepingSeeker
11/19/2014 9:06:49 Science in Sci-fi / Fact in Fantasy Every week, we discuss scientific or technological aspects of sci-fi, or historical/cultural aspects of fantasy, with help from an expert in the field. So far we've had topics like: -Misconceptions about space travel, by a rocket scientist -The most likely zombie pathogens, by a microbiologist -A brief history of European warfare, by a Renaissance Faire historian -Mutation myth-busting by a working geneticist ... and about 15 other topics Yes, this is hosted on my web site but there's no advertising or commercial angle... it's just good information link; dankoboldt
10/8/2015 6:49:03 ICD-10 Code Lookup ICD-10 Diagnostic Codes, ICD-10, 10th revision of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD), clinical codes, insurance codes. link; Rover09
10/25/2015 18:26:24 Calc Site This page allows you to find out what years a person would start school and graduate from Elementary to College simply by entering the birthday of the person. I found it useful for so I could figure out were they'd be in their lives. I haven't explored the whole site yet, it looks useful for more. link; AshWolf Forever
10/26/2015 14:11:58 Writer's Detective Law Enforcement Technical Advising For Authors by a real crime detective Features a 5 week course for those of you crafting a mystery or crime fiction for #NaNoWriMo link; BJ Wolf
11/7/2015 9:34:20 Cause of Death: A Writer's Guide to Death, Murder, and Forensic Medicine the stages of death; differences between a murder victim and a suicide victim; deterioration of the body after death; autopsies; medical classifications and actions in certain emergency situations; different types of death penalties and each state's death penalty for the U.S.; details about various forms of murder, suicide, accidental death, and natural death; controversies involving death (Pictures in this book are not gory. Most are either photographs of empty emergency rooms or simple, line drawings of autopsies. All others are line drawings.) Keith D. Wilson, M.D. ; Wayward Inkling
11/7/2015 15:47:58 Sailing Navies 1650-1850 Forum site explores almost everything you could possibly want to know about the early age of sail. From seafarring lore and daily life to ranks, rules, ship types, fare etc.Includes great links to other sites and discusses both fiction and non-fiction books related to sailing. link; smittyfan
11/10/2015 18:00:32 Quora This is an on-line forum where you can ask questions about almost any subject you can think. Any member with expertise in that particular field will answer your questions. I had a technical questions about a particular line of work. Not only did someone answer my question, they agreed to let me interview them for further information. Great resource. link; Writing Maven
11/12/2015 20:50:36 Pro Football Reference A play by play recount of every NFL game ever played, complete with every stat you'd ever want to know. Useful if you're writing a book centered around pro football, or if you're a fantasy football person ;) link; parawhim
2/22/2016 20:48:25 Atomic Rockets Great resource for designing realistic spacecraft for science fiction link; malicious-monkey
11/5/2016 18:44:40 The People History Want to find out what day of the week the 11th of November was in 1952? That's just the beginning of information you can find on this web site. This web site has year-by-year events, as well as a convenient calendar so you can find days of the week or holidays. For example, you can click on the year 1944, and find information about the Battle of the Bulge, FDR's fourth term election, and the cost of a gallon of gas. Go to or to the home page, link; Mary Turck
11/6/2016 20:26:01 History of Cosmetics History on cosmetics and make up products. Including a cosmetic timeline and facts about specific products. link; Marie-Soleil