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timestamp title topics author or URL
10/9/2016 8:13:47 NewMexicoKid open source software licenses, cloud computing, web application design, organizational leadership and change agency Naperville, IL USA; Pavia, Italy
10/9/2016 20:35:44 closetomidnight Law (criminal, contracts, torts, evidence, procedure) Education (esp. high school, college & law school) Law school student life in general Sociology Socialism/communism, leftist politics Social movements, i.e. antiracism, LGBTQ rights Bronx, NY Manhattan, NY New Haven, CT area most of CT in general
10/10/2016 2:35:37 AzazelSlayer Ancient Egyptian History, Religion, Myths, Etc Ancient Roman history, Religion, Myths, Etc Ancient Greek History, Religion , Myths, Etc Medieval European Era ( Kingdoms, Politics, Etc ) Byzantine history Greek Orthodox Religion
10/10/2016 3:51:36 kathryna910 Cats, autism/being autistic (including Aspergers etc), ADHD, UK nursery and education system, UK politics UK, especially Brighton Cork, Ireland
10/10/2016 3:53:04 Brie Pontmercy Cross stitch Tarot (Musical) theatre Vietnamese language and culture Hanoi Prague
10/10/2016 6:47:16 delphinerl Anything related to ancient history (particularly Greece and Babylonia), archaeology and ancient architecture. My areas of expertise are : Sappho, oracles (specifically the delphic oracle), the Minoan era, columns and vases/wares/vessels. Also know a lot about the history of Montreal (especially the political history), as I am a tour guide. Montreal and Quebec in general, Greece (mainly ancient) and Babylonia.
10/10/2016 10:27:26 Becca Stareyes astronomy planetary science Saturn moons planetary rings physics mathematics academia crochet cross stitch Lincoln, Nebraska San Luis Obispo county, California Ithaca, New York
10/10/2016 10:55:29 drmab Linguistics Old (and Middle) English Glass blowing Montreal Quebec City Quebec (the province)
10/10/2016 11:03:52 Sahani Germany German language (native speaker) Synesthesia Congenital limb differences Anxiety, Depression, Antidepressants, Psychosomatic clinic stay Chronic illness Linguistics Cultural Anthropology random activities I've pursued at some point: Canoeing, Archery, Geocaching, Photography Germany: Hamburg, Dresden, Aachen Traveled extensively in the Netherlands Traveled widely within Europe
10/10/2016 11:59:59 Mapleseed Helicopter piloting, commercial flying, bush flying, utility flying, aerodynamics meteorology aerial navigation aviation safety & safety management aerial filming search and rescue Winter wilderness survival Firearms Cooking Motorcycles Mechanics of turbine engines and internal combustion engines First aid Alaska, specifically Kodiak and South East AK Portland, OR NE Pennsylvania
10/10/2016 13:03:50 gowinggl computer security artificial intelligence martial arts
10/10/2016 14:19:24 Dressage4ever Horses Ireland The South
10/10/2016 20:05:34 MsBeater Local TV News Production (Behind the scenes)
10/11/2016 11:10:20 oneirokinetic First hand experience with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Depression, and Anxiety Linguistics and the creation of fictional languages Delmarva area: Southern VA, Baltimore, DC, Central MD
10/11/2016 11:35:15 inkcurious US prison system emergency response WI driving law public service geology Madison, WI Starkville, MS (MSU) Japan (Nagoya and Hiroshima) Iceland
10/11/2016 12:41:46 gowinggl identical twin cryptography chiropractic acupuncture
10/11/2016 14:47:26 gyrus Linguistics Constructed languages Esperanto (I'm a fluent speaker) Oxford/Cambridge/Oxbridge Bath, United Kingdom Oxford, UK (as a student) Cambridge, UK (as a student)
10/11/2016 15:08:55 sistercoyote Grammar, writing in general, pair-writing in particular Theme parks Administrative assistanting Editing Proposal-writing Disneyland (NOT Disneyworld) Diamond Bar, CA Reno, NV University of California, Riverside University of Nevada, Reno
10/11/2016 17:14:14 bassitone American Politics Classical Music cybersecurity Houston, TX San Antonio, TX St. Louis, MO
10/11/2016 20:32:22 Sparkleberry Obstetrics & Gynecology -- primarily modern US (professional experience) but also 1960's US natural childbirth movement & some study of historical medicine with an emphasis on midwifery/early surgery Rheumatoid arthritis Adult-type acute leukemia (Acute Myelogenous Leukemia) Knitting & Sewing (primarily garment construction) -- skilled amateur level Altoona, Pennsylvania & surrounding west-central PA mountains
10/11/2016 20:42:53 Brookeworm Toronto, Ontario Halifax, Nova Scotia
10/11/2016 23:20:50 zeekarie Forensic anthropology (or skeletons in general)
10/12/2016 10:58:29 alynna * computer programming (especially for websites) * LGBTQ topics (general info; what it's like to be a queer person in NY, USA; what it's like to be a trans person in the 21st centry USA) * United States politics / laws / court rulings related to civil rights and liberties * knitting, sewing, and other crafts * Montgomery County, MD, USA * Westchester County, NY, USA * DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY, USA
10/12/2016 11:24:16 themormoncripple Disability Wheelchairs Muscular Dystrophy Neuromuscular disease Paralysis Mormonism Foster care Adoption West Virginia Morgantown, WV
10/12/2016 13:50:06 TrouserFreeTuesday University life University Student Groups Museums Canadian History Medieval History Mennonite Winnipeg, Manitoba Manitoba Rural Canada
10/12/2016 16:49:51 liralen Running (marathons, 5ks, etc.) Knitting Eating disorders (anorexia, EDNOS, to a lesser extent bulimia and orthorexia) Camino de Santiago Hiking MFA programs Boarding school Women's colleges Sexual assault (rape, sexual harassment, rape crisis centers) LGBTQ issues (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer...etc.) Boston Toronto New Hampshire London North Carolina (especially Chapel Hill and Durham) Parts of northern Spain
10/12/2016 17:39:15 The Tsp horses, horse riding, horsemanship, natural horsemanship, horse care, tack, stables, equine assisted therapy, trail riding, trail guiding, horseback tourism travelling alone, single person travelling, living abroad, working abroad, studying abroad, culture shock, homesickness, house sitting, pet care, university exchange, working as a nanny/au pair, working with tourists history, historical research, U.S. history, some Canadian history, British history, history of the American west, Oregon Trail, American Revolution, social history, cultural history, colonial history of North America playing guitar, banjo and ukulele, learning to play a musical instrument, self-taught musician, tuning and restringing guitars/banjos Sussex, UK (especially Brighton, Horsham and Hastings) Sheffield, UK central Bedfordshire, UK Vancouver, Canada New Zealand (especially Cambridge/Te Awamutu, New Plymouth and southern Taranaki)
10/12/2016 22:10:39 Jess041529 Health sciences especially lab North East Texas
10/13/2016 8:57:57 satori being a kid in the 1980s being a teenager in the 1990s being a college student in the late 90s- early 00s growing up in the U.S. southeast musical theater the U.S. book publishing industry Atlanta, Georgia Sarasota, Florida
10/13/2016 9:53:22 Lisard ASL Sign Language Deaf Culture Interpreter High School Technical College ADA Texas Houston Waco Odessa Midland Alpine
10/13/2016 17:07:56 neverwinterrains I am a reference librarian, so research is my expertise Boston
10/14/2016 11:19:44 neviathiel history of astronomy pet rats Prague Czech Republic
10/14/2016 15:32:21 DeskOwl Catering Political Science (this is my major so even what I don't know, I might know someone who will know, or know where to look it up quickly) Huntsville, AL Grand Forks, ND
10/14/2016 16:25:31 neviathiel Personal assistance to people with special needs (handicap) Prague
10/15/2016 14:45:36 tokyoskater - Pretty much anything about Finland: language, everyday life, history, politics, food, places, school system, scouting, music, nature, traditions... If I don't know the answer right away, I know where to look for it. - Living in Japan as a foreigner: going to a Japanese university, traveling around, using trains/buses/subway, shops and restaurants, food, famous tourist locations, crossing the language barrier. - Linguistics: I'm a 4th year General Linguistics student just finishing my Bachelor's Degree. - Learning foreign languages: in addition to my native Finnish I speak good English and Japanese, adequate Swedish, some Estonian, basic Japanese Sign Language, and very little German. Started learning the very basics of Russian this summer. Finland: Tampere area. Cities of Joensuu and Helsinki. Japan: Kansai area, especially Osaka Prefecture. City of Hirakata. Kyoto. Awaji Island. Estonia: City of Põltsamaa.
10/15/2016 16:59:28 Loki892 Ancient Rome The Latin Language The ancient Roman empire
10/15/2016 18:37:53 andronica Theatre/theater Choir Art (digital and traditional) Public school Divorce (from the child's point of view) Gender Sexuality Romantic attraction
10/15/2016 23:05:53 Skid Modern Lighthouses Being Homeless Bicycle Touring Wilderness Survival Navigation Vancouver Island British Columbia The Pacific Coast BC Lighthouses
10/16/2016 12:53:15 Lady Browncoat Ancient Greece Prohibition American Revolution Star Wars/Trek/Sci Fi Teaching / Elementary NASCAR Hockey / NHL Theatre Cape Cod Massachusetts
10/17/2016 8:24:37 Shuie Geology
10/17/2016 9:56:16 Meame Japanese tea ceremony (way of tea) Japanese culture in general Food (I'm a chef as my previous profession) Tea Tampere, Finland Kangasala, Finland
10/17/2016 12:26:07 mamavalerius adoption, birth mother, taekwondo, martial arts, Utah
10/18/2016 0:32:47 Kieroni Cystic Fibrosis Hospitals IVs, feeding tubes, etc.
10/18/2016 10:11:49 {TheDarkMuse} Band Fencing Cats Missouri, USA
10/18/2016 18:26:41 mothwinged Anthropology Religion Folklore Mythology Pre/Early-Modern Europe Ancient Greece/Rome
10/19/2016 7:41:57 schuleg Technology Sports Military History General History United States - Mid Atlantic (including Washington, D.C.) Russia
10/19/2016 17:38:32 The Eternal Military Tactics, Planning, and History
10/19/2016 18:18:44 MurderDeathKill Amputation Military Flying
10/20/2016 8:46:43 Han the Librarian History Politics Technology Art Classics Classical Mythology Fairy Tales and Folk Tales Young Adult Literature General Reference United Kingdom United States of America North Carolina
10/20/2016 9:00:04 STEMinist Medicine (Doctor stuff!) Forensics (autopsies, etc) Genetics Biology Evolution Public health Fashion, especially historical Bisexuality German Shepherds Knitting Boston New Orleans Washington, D.C. Southern California
10/20/2016 9:34:44 WulfYVR LGBT Transgender Birds Activism Advocacy Vancouver Canada Norway
10/20/2016 9:58:31 Chriswriter all forms of fancy needlework and a great deal about straight sewing craft/plaster cast/model painting cooking party/event planning for up to 50 people on really short notice (I once hosted a dinner party for 11, including a birthday cake, on three hours notice) San Fernando valley, CA 1955 through 1971 Santa Barbara, CA 1972 through 1978 Seattle/Edmonds, WA 1986 through 1992 Old Saybrook and Glastonbury, CT 1993 through 1999 Gilroy, CA 2000 through 2004 Calgary, AB 2004 through 2007 Chelsea, MI 2007 to present
10/20/2016 18:35:04 marafish forensic science, especially forensic biology Judaism Hebrew moving to Israel Rochester, NY
10/21/2016 4:07:09 Saicere The Danish language The Danish School system Learning new languages/being bilingual Traveling Denmark (especially northern Zealand and Copenhagen)
10/21/2016 10:22:45 Quo Vadis music (violin, recorder, concert master in orchestra) volunteering for the Red Cross (both nationally and internationally) going to a very strict Catholic school (and realising I'm an atheist) dropping out of university studying abroad knitting being a polyglot nursing mythology (especially Greek, Roman and Egyptian) LGBTQ cat care astma, COPD MS folkloric dance and tap dance competitive soccer as a female competitive swimming Belgium (Brussels, Namur, Bouillon) South Korea (Seoul, Busan, Jeju-ddo) Spain (Barcelona) Greece (Athens, Thessaloníki)
10/21/2016 11:50:16 zombienovelwriter Horses/equestrian sports Linguistics (esp. phonetics, phonology) Math Seattle
10/22/2016 12:55:02 Veronica linguistics long distance relationships asexuality, demisexuality, and gray-asexuality Southeast Michigan
10/22/2016 18:17:29 tiggy19 Official (government) Statistics systems Trade statistics UK Labour market data and definitions EU/UK VAT trade-based fraud (MTIC) Cooking Inter-faith SACRE/ religious education in UK schools Disability access and transport accessibility the Palais de Nations, Geneva
10/22/2016 20:29:08 peterpxn Musical Theatre, Theatre History LGBT issues, Transgender experiences Psychiatric Ward Info, General Mental Health & Psychology Myers-Briggs Types Music & Instruments Toronto New York Ottawa Montreal
10/23/2016 11:25:09 hazelgreen Social Work & Social Workers Psychological trauma Mental hospitals Mental illness Vermont Boston Western New York
10/23/2016 16:31:25 dangersnake natural history wildlife climate change natural resources/management United States Virginia
10/23/2016 21:25:04 jgarcia Harry Potter Mexican History Texas History Power Rangers Super Sentai Translating Spanish to English and vice versa Austin, Texas, USA Central Texas, USA
10/24/2016 0:29:43 abhorsenemeritus funeral home removals and prep/care of bodies
10/24/2016 10:42:21 RescueWriter music, music theory, harp, wind instruments, writing and arranging music orchestral pieces big band pieces medieval music teaching music directing bands Scotland Midwest America Pacific Northwest of US
10/25/2016 11:38:31 Mahaut School systheme in Canada, Cegep, industrial design, comic book, horror movie, BD, Bande dessiner, french, français, québéc, french canadian, anxiety, depression, living with an autist brother, mixed-racial relationship, Québec, fench canadian, Montréal, Canada, contry-side in canada
10/25/2016 13:49:43 LindsayJoFrancis veterinary medicine microbiology disease anatomy (animal) physiology (animal) fish & aquariums horses horseback riding equine reproduction dragons trombone piano music education exotic animals San Diego Dallas Texas Fort Collins Northern Colorado
10/25/2016 22:05:30 anbadlo Haiti the Haitian revolution Haitian vodou Santeria/Lucumi African religions Caribbean religions folk Catholicism substance use addiction addiction treatment Haiti Boston Massachusetts New England
10/26/2016 9:01:02 GuinevereOutOfCamelot Marine Corps (served for eight years) Military life Northern Virginia (DC suburbs) Washington, D.C.
10/26/2016 10:57:37 Mother.Giry Poisons, Victorian literature/life, infectious disease St. Louis metro area, Twin Cities area
10/26/2016 11:56:56 Mark MacIntyre Nutrition Psychology Martial Arts Songwriting Performing Music Musical Instruments Stand-Up Comedy Photography Business Ownership Camping Surfing Weight-Lifting Australia Canada
10/26/2016 13:49:28 aj chase adoption international adoption trauma special needs parenting PTSD medical care having only one hand cp hematology disorders autoimmune disorders genetics psychology mast cell issues reactive attachment disorder parenting 6 kids Guangzhou, China All parts of New Mexico Tulsa, Oklahoma All parts of Colorado Western Germany
10/26/2016 17:57:23 Roaming_Girl Historical Rapier Fencing (Swordfighting) Historical Fashion (European) Medieval/Renaissance Arms and Armor Historical Fashion (Chinese) Farm/Rural life Sewing/Knitting Fashion Design Language Acquisition Bilingualism/Multilingualism Adolescent and Child Psychology Teaching/Education in Quebec and New York Expat life Visas and Work Permits Witchcraft Rural New England Montreal Taipei
10/26/2016 23:51:07 John P. Walters UK School Maintenance / Caretaking UK / European Cars (Vauxhall models in particular if specifics are needed)
10/27/2016 3:45:45 Juliska forensic science death investigation training for road races (i.e. marathons) World of Warcraft lore Oklahoma
10/27/2016 13:00:10 IntrepidHeart Firearms Knives Guitars Medical, Disability and Life Insurance
10/28/2016 0:43:22 elbees Chemical engineering (student's perspective) Australia Cat genetics Perth, Western Australia
10/28/2016 5:45:44 kchapman The French Revolution Opera Art History 18th Century Europe French Latin
10/28/2016 8:39:30 cpoe1776 U.S. Military U.S. Army Military Army Psychological Resilience Resilience Mental Strength Well Being Positive Psychology Colonial New England
10/28/2016 15:56:08 Kotone Zookeeping, 18th century Europe, Asexuality (Northern) Germany
10/28/2016 16:23:24 jannin rail (engineering) French parkour Vancouver, Canada railways (mostly LRT / construction sites)
10/28/2016 17:25:39 lindenfoxcub aspergers syndrome autism aviation flying planes bees beekeeping Canada Manitoba Winnipeg
10/28/2016 20:11:16 KNCanuck Rabbits 4-H Ballroom dance Swing dance Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Teaching Vancouver Victoria Gulf Islands British Columbia
10/28/2016 20:23:02 MistAndMagic Equines/Horses Farm animals/Livestock Dogs Bearded dragons Turtles Recurve bows Libraries Planes/Aviation Atlanta Georgia Conyers/McDonough/Covington Locust Grove Alpharetta Peachtree City Virginia Beach Norfolk
10/28/2016 21:20:46 Analise horse rescue horse riding horse ownership draft horses renaissance festivals vicksburg, mississippi augusta, georgia oahu, hawaii
10/29/2016 13:37:20 OxygenPoweredBeing pharmacy / nursing / medicine - I'm a former child's nurse (NICU, premature babies), former EMT and now a pharmacist german (my mother tongue) germany
10/29/2016 15:41:36 Wolfgirl44 Animals Zookeeping Being a twin San Francisco and the surrounding area, CA Denver, CO
10/29/2016 18:21:45 Rob40 Aviation, professional flying, the airline world. Aircraft capability.
10/30/2016 2:07:03 wildcat1227 Earthquakes Flooding CBRN Biological and chemical weapons Nuclear stuff Apocalypse Zombies Emergency Management Disaster Response Terrorism Bipolar Depression Anxiety Mass Effect Halo (video game)
10/30/2016 4:16:25 Sforzie hotels Southeast Georgia Northeast Florida
10/30/2016 14:03:55 thesaraoh Doctor/Medical stuff Surgery (especially neurosurgery) Cats German/Austrian German Austria (esp. Innsbruck and Vienna) Switzerland (esp. Zürich) Poland (esp. Gdansk/Gdynia/Sopot)
10/30/2016 16:05:24 LoboGal_26 US Air Force, Military Raising Chickens Amateur Drag Racing First- and Second-Wave Feminism Strategic Policy Kids with Asperger's Washington, D.C. St. Louis, MO Tampa, FL Seoul, South Korea Charleston, SC
10/30/2016 18:30:06 Saddlebred Pride Hunter/Jumper Shows Horse Riding (English, Western, and Dressage) Training Horses Horse Life for Poor Folk Central Florida HITS Showgrounds
10/31/2016 1:37:33 NicholasPond Foster Care System MBTI Multiverse Theory
10/31/2016 2:23:13 Titus Criminal law and procedure - United States, limited abroad criminal investigations - United States, limited abroad police discipline - United States, limited abroad police internal affairs - United States Eyewitness testimony United States Drunk Driving Limited United States Forensic Knowledge Federal Jurisdiction Civil law and procedure (limited) New York, New York (minimal) London (minimal) Bloomington, Indiana Northwest Arkansas Cincinnati, Ohio (minimal) Northern California
10/31/2016 5:54:02 Rejna Dogs, dog breeds, dog training. Australia in general, especially Victoria (southern state)
10/31/2016 11:14:10 Marvelash Braille, Blindness/Low Vision (BLV), Working with blind students Public School Assistant Teaching Babysitting Being a Nanny (three boys, one set of twins) Homeschooling (an accredited school where you watch videos of the class, and then travel to the actual school location to graduate) Indiana (Indianapolis, Terre Haute, Evansville, Bridgeton, Brazil) St. Louis, MO Kansas City, MO
10/31/2016 11:24:49 Skyes the Limit Horses Dairy cows Highveld, South Africa
10/31/2016 11:59:08 TabsyKat magical girls LGBTQIA+ astrology computers rural Ohio Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Macon, Georgia Mammoth Cave, Kentucky
10/31/2016 13:49:07 TheCyborgThatCould Victorian England, science fiction, nineteenth century science, nineteenth century science fiction, military philosophy, basic weapons competence, comic book culture, postcoloniality, punk Boston, Kansas, Midwest, South (USA), Alaska
10/31/2016 13:56:55 TheSeeker46 Botany: Edible and Medicinal Plants, Plant Identification, Plant Habitats, Weird Plants, Poisonous Plants Outdoor Recreation and Work: Traveling by Foot, Off-Trail Hiking, Traveling in Mountain Terrain, Camping Rough, Gear, Safety, Animal Encounters, Backpacking Navigation: Compass, Topographic Map, Landmarks, Terrain Indicators New Zealand: South Island, rural life, coastal village New England: forests, coastal, quaint small towns, farms Outer Banks North Carolina: small beach communities off-season and on North Idaho: mountains, small towns, rural, forestry Nevada: small desert town, ranching, plateaus, mountains
10/31/2016 16:34:26 WPTunes opera classical music choral music churches church music church history vocal pedagogy Old Town Alexandria, VA Washington, DC
10/31/2016 17:08:14 burle1np Corrections Law Enforcement Jail Prison Basic Criminal Law Military US Army UCMJ Veterans PTSD Michigan Delaware Mid-Atlantic
10/31/2016 18:50:48 Wombat18 British Police
10/31/2016 19:24:03 Alex the Engineer US Navy Nuclear Power Generation Electrical Theory Firearms Hampton Roads Charleston, South Carolina Central Pennsylvania
10/31/2016 19:57:39 The Bearded One Sign Language Deaf Culture Role Playing Games
10/31/2016 20:14:15 danodea Geology Biology Ecology Anatomy Astronomy General Science Philosophy and logic Computers and Information Technology Weaponless Combat Political Systems and Governments Ethics Building Languages North America Hawaii
10/31/2016 20:29:18 danodea Geology Biology Ecology Animal anatomy Evolution and heredity Astronomy General science Science and society Computers and Information Technology Programming languages Data security Greek mythology Roman mythology Norse mythology Language structure Baseball (history of, how to play) Ethics Philosophy and logic Systems of government Weaponless Combat Woodworking (furniture, home building) Raising Children ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders (having them) North America Hawaii
10/31/2016 20:40:49 Elliana NightWriter High School Adoption of children (this one the most) Moving houses Visiting another country The Quad Cities (Iowa and Illinois) Winston-Salem, NC Jackson, Wisconsin
11/1/2016 0:07:52 Mary MH Medieval medicine Medieval clothing Medieval Children Colonial Upper Louisiana St Louis, Missouri Ferguson, Missouri
11/1/2016 1:02:22 Whitney Hemsath I know a lot about music, specifically piano and choral singing and conducting. Also know a bit about cello. Phoenix (Suburbs like Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, San Tan Valley, moreso than downtown) Orange County, CA New Zealand Argentina, specifically suburbs of Buenos Aires, the city of La Plata, and the coastal regions around Villa Gessel and San Clemente
11/1/2016 2:54:32 Dreaming of Wordcounts Archaeology Prehistory England Northampton, England Surbiton Southampton, England
11/1/2016 9:22:06 Kritty3311 Insurance - auto/home/liability some life Most of RI
11/1/2016 9:59:42 gdaly7 Royals European Royals British Royals Current Royals Monarchy Prince Princess King Queen
11/1/2016 10:32:15 caiguise History of technology History of science Historic dress/costume (European and North American) Mid-victorian forensics Mississauga, ON, Canada Ames, IA, USA some details of London, UK (in 1870)
11/1/2016 11:28:23 RonBeak Teaching Young children Irish History video games comic books Ireland Dublin City Ireland- Countryside
11/1/2016 12:44:43 thelemonadebandit cremation death industry/funeral homes glass blowing bilingual education early childhood education American Evangelical culture Christian private schools (what it's like to attend - elementary through college level) extreme conservative/charismatic religious circles (think "Jesus Camp") J.R.R. Tolkien and Lord of the Rings American Pacific Northwest (Oregon and Washington) Seattle, Washington Portland, Oregon
11/1/2016 13:50:42 Cashay Emergency Medicine + Nursing (I'm an ER Nurse) German hospital day to day life/nursing school etc. German customs & stuff Marvel movies Supernatural (TV Show) Berlin, Germany
11/1/2016 14:12:33 hayleyadams sewing painting birds(especially treating them for wounds, behavior, and needs) video games prop making drug addiction/alcoholism(I am a recovering drug addict, i can tell you all about it.) depression (I have this) adhd(I have this) bipolar disorder(Studied this) borderline personality disorder(I have this) eating disorders(Studied) sociopath(Studied) psychopathy(Studied) Serial Killers(Studied) Feminism I am also a bisexual woman Honduras France Texas Missippi
11/1/2016 16:45:52 Standing In My Kumquats musical theatre theatre acting acting as a professional actor's equity (the actor's union) Seattle, WA Glendale, CA Gig Harbor, WA Tacoma, WA North Hollywood, CA Hollywood, CA Coeur d'Alene, ID Hemet, CA Claremont, CA
11/1/2016 21:28:18 TinyQueerHooligan The Ohio State University Foil fencing Crochet Feminism Judaism Choral music Music Abortion - access and rights, basic procedure knowledge Public policy Politics Rwandan Genocide Nonprofit organizations Israel Ohio Columbus New Orleans
11/1/2016 21:55:16 zaxxya Mental Health, specifically Anxiety and OCD Some Criminology and Psychology Portland, OR
11/2/2016 0:20:54 Crel All sorts of Ancient Greek stuff: Ancient History (Mycenae through Alexander the Great) Ancient Philosophy Ancient Greek (Language) The Homeric Question (Historicity of the Iliad/Odyssey) Plato Mythology (Primarily Greco-Roman, but western mythology in general) Don't think I know anything particular & useful about many geographical locations. Sorry!
11/2/2016 3:32:16 lk09nni Emergency medicine Stem cell science Lab work Hospital routines (Europe) Psychiatry (from a medical point of view) Stockholm Paris
11/2/2016 8:19:13 SylviaPhillips Classical music, violin, viola, music theory, piano, orchestra, music history College online, homeschooling, credit by exam tests Illinois state government Kids, childhood development, psychology Grammar, journalism Bible The Midwest Montana mountains
11/2/2016 8:57:03 parables art art supplies MPD/DID/Multiplicity Winnipeg Calgary
11/2/2016 10:22:26 Rebaby neonates / neonatal nursing (UK) being in hospital (UK) pregnancy, birth and newborn babies Manchester (UK)
11/2/2016 10:33:46 Champ Margolin Apple Film Cameras Star Trek Game of Thrones Diplomats Dogs Boston Oregon Poland Iceland Sweden Belgium Burkina Faso Namibia
11/2/2016 10:47:11 Ukeks Psychology Teaching Photography Chicago England (rural and London)
11/2/2016 11:02:50 Hemlock_Key Digital Marketing Art History Art Conservation Manuscript Construction Illumination Baroque art history Art/Artists Small press publishing Baking Florence, Italy Central Ohio
11/2/2016 12:01:01 XombieHamster marksmanship guns knitting spinning Baton Rouge, LA
11/2/2016 12:36:05 Raehimura LGBTQ/Queer Issues, Identities, Relationships Sex, Sexual Health Supernatural, Horror, Monsters, Myths, Legends, Folklore World Religions Witchcraft, Paganism, Magick, Magic Washington, DC Texas Oklahoma Italy
11/2/2016 16:51:11 persephonehazard Kink and BDSM Polyamory and non-monogamy in general, particularly solo poly Bisexuality and sexual identity in general Recreational drug use LARPing London Edinburgh Glastonbury Cambridge Brighton
11/2/2016 16:58:16 doublehelixwish North Korean history South Korean history Authoritarian governments Nationalism North Korea
11/2/2016 17:25:41 Dyute violin, music, orchestra, college life, jewelry making, historical European martial arts (swords, long sword), beading, being bilingual--english and chinese, harry potter Missouri, USA; Massachusetts
11/2/2016 20:04:19 lemonzestiest Biology Grammar Spanish (not quite fluent but would be able to get around in a spanish speaking country) Human Geography and Culture Georgia, USA (esp atl and the suburbs surrounding it) Various knowledge about regions in the US bc of Human Geo (just certain tidbits and facts about local culture)
11/2/2016 20:51:43 kaybre Geology weather climate fire spinning/juggling Boston, MA Madrid, Spain Portland, OR London, UK
11/2/2016 22:17:39 bandgirlz U.S. criminal law & procedure investigation techniques U.S. legal system in general
11/3/2016 1:17:31 vereobsidian East asian history/culture Chinese culture Chinese minority groups (especially Bai, Hui and Dai, but also others) Living as an expat Teaching English Language East Asia (China, Japan, and Korea) Some of South East Asia Mid-West America
11/3/2016 15:30:38 myownknight Rape shield law ROTC American Universities Boston Massachusetts Rhode Island
11/3/2016 16:28:38 joneko Child development, mental health, child and family issues and supports, child and family counseling, therapy, PTSD, psychology, brain injury, TBI, Rural Massachusetts
11/4/2016 11:04:14 deaneaston private boarding schools conlangs (constructed languages) Old English English grammar poetry Vermont Western New York State Letchworth State Park Hikone, Japan
11/4/2016 15:28:37 L.N. Cornelius Meteorology Severe weather watches and warnings Hurricanes Tornadoes Boston Northern New Hampshire Northern Vermont
11/4/2016 15:31:50 Grant Piper Theology Christianity Baptists Roman Catholicism Evangelical fundamentalism Knitting Child care Homeschooling Interior Design (commercial) East Tennessee Washington, DC
11/4/2016 17:50:13 Evagria Chemistry and its instrumentation Laboratories Dragonflies Erie, PA, USA
11/4/2016 22:08:14 deadiebones ambulance paramedic Outback Australia Japan India Mauritius (Have travelled multiple continents, so have a working knowledge of quite a few countries as a traveller)
11/5/2016 2:00:51 methinkest I know medical, vitamins, herbs, nutrition, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Rheumatoid and OsteoArthritis, head and spinal cord injuries. Retired RN and used to own a Health Store. I also know about Archery, my husband and I owned an archery shop.
11/5/2016 7:25:11 HerTinkness Geology Pennsylvania regulatory environment and government Orthodox Christianity Beagles Williamsport, PA Northern Appalachian Ohio Coal Region, PA State College, PA
11/5/2016 18:03:14 SilverSara law enforcement fire service firefighting data science horses dogs animal rescue Kansas Topeka Wichita Kansas City
11/5/2016 20:05:28 WandererAboveSeaofFog Disney Animation
11/5/2016 21:41:42 Invader Xan Astronomy, astrophysics Space, space travel Planets, exoplanets Astrobiology, SETI Chemistry Japan, Tokyo, Okinawa England, Nottingham, Plymouth, Manchester, London Hawaii
11/5/2016 23:22:53 highlandgirl BDSM (from the perspective of a submissive, lots of experience), Tourette Syndrome, depersonalization, Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified, Depression, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, ADHD, OCD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Psychology (3rd year Psych major), Music (piano, voice, theory, choir, 3rd year University... this is my second major), dance (Highland, Ballet (both competitive with exams), Lyrical, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary (all previous styles competitive), Hip Hop, Heels, Tap (recreational)) Edmonton, Alberta (in Canada)
11/6/2016 7:38:14 StationeryMotivation Emergency Medicine Paramedicine Working as EMT/EMS/Paramedic Tasmania, Australia Southern Tasmania
11/6/2016 13:09:33 Marianne writing craft, creating atmosphere in fiction, developing strong character voice, speculative fiction, horror, sci fi, developmental editing, fat acceptance, health at every size, fatshion Rural Florida
11/6/2016 18:31:52 Bloodkissed sex industry stripping Being a stripper Marijuana Child abuse feminism Being LGBT Losing a parent Conway, Arkansas Panama City Beach, Florida Panama City, Florida Alabama
11/6/2016 19:09:08 imarray Polymers/Plastic Materials Science Cats Fire House burning down Firefighting EMT MIT 3D printing Boston, MA Long Island, NY New York City Houston, TX Smithtown, NY
11/6/2016 20:59:00 gronke Physics (college degree) Mathematics (many high level courses) Film Theory and History (college degree) Raleigh, NC
11/6/2016 23:51:18 Ebonyi Erb's Palsy Living with disability (Erb's Palsy) Depression Anxiety Hypochondria
11/7/2016 10:32:50 shayhermann geology volcanoes earth science earthquakes science southern rhode island reykjavik, iceland hilo, hawaii
11/7/2016 11:05:37 Rianafriend Mental health, social work, social work grad school, therapy, teenage residential units, inpatient, outpatient, groups, DCF, health insurance in the USA Boston, Seattle, Pioneer Valley, New England
11/7/2016 14:19:21 Ara Tun Biology Ecology Animal Behavior Taxonomy Paleontology Track & Sign Anatomy Oregon
11/7/2016 23:18:22 Ciera_Linnert Fencing Australia Australian schools Australia - Sydney
11/8/2016 2:59:38 Burchakov Russian language sleep disorders endocrine disorders diabetes Russia, Moscow
11/8/2016 11:21:30 Faerybrains horticulture, plant science, plant id knitting
11/8/2016 11:53:22 telm_393 Marvel Cinematic Universe History of Television Sitcoms History of Superheroes American History (Inception - Now) American Old West Lewis and Clark Expedition Literature - European (1800s - 2000s) Literature - American (1800s - 2000s) Literature - Latin American (Latin American Boom/1960s-1970s) Disabled Historical Characters (especially neuroatypical) Neurodiversity Human Trafficking Eating Disorders Self-Harm Autism Spectrum Disorder (personal experience) Bipolar Spectrum (personal experience) Anxiety Disorders (personal experience) ADHD (personal experience) Learning Disabilities [American] (personal experience) Psychopathology in general Suicide Peruvian History Spanish Language Peruvian Spanish (Slang) Spanglish Being Latino Boulder, Colorado Denver, Colorado Colorado in general Rocky Mountains Lima, Peru Machu Picchu Peru in general
11/8/2016 19:02:51 NoLongerNic Spanish language Fundamentalist Christianity The dying process (I am a hospice nurse) None.
11/8/2016 21:42:08 Mary Blakely The southeast, GA specifically bible belt
11/9/2016 8:18:46 TortugaRachel University Administration, Educational Technology, Education, US Navy, Transgender Teens & their Parents, Episcopal Church, Being Homeless, Being on Welfare Orange County CA, Small Town Missouri
11/9/2016 9:52:50 Lynlee44 Modern fiber arts, knitting, crocheting, (12+ yrs of experience in both) and spinning (2yrs experience) in particular. Modern sewing (10+yrs of experience), 1920s women's clothing, and dairy goats (5yrs experience). I also draw with graphite, ink, and oil pastels. Learning instruments as an adult (cello and piano)
11/10/2016 1:02:15 nikimongoose psychology, child development, autism Canada
11/10/2016 6:44:47 tbird36 Older Lesbian (50+) Lesbian mother who has raised 7 children Dean of a college Mother of a bipolar child Grandmother of an autistic child Denver, CO Raleigh, Greensboro, Wendell, Burlington, Whitsett, NC OBX
11/10/2016 10:45:30 SilverPhantom2 Buddhism General History Asian History Tibet Bhutan Korea China Japan Germany Seoul Hamburg
11/11/2016 4:47:20 Angelica goats, poultry, organic gardening, housekeeping, arts of all kinds from pottery to basketry to oil painting, North Cascades
11/12/2016 19:57:05 readingkt6 homeschooling North Georgia Foothills (Hall, Barrow, Jackson, Lumpkin Counties) South of Atlanta (Henry, Clayton, Butts Counties)
11/13/2016 7:44:45 giuliafurlan Molecular Biology, Genetics, Life in a laboratory, all the DNA-related stuff Paris
11/13/2016 15:47:15 hstanley999 California family court (specifically Father's Rights) Real Estate (specifically property management in Queensland, Australia) Step-parenting Step-parent adoption proceedings in California (with non-custodial parent's consent) Sacramento, California Sierra Nevada region, specifically: - Hwy 50 from Sacramento, CA to Fernley, NV - Hwy 80 from Sacramento, CA to Winnemucca, NV - Hwy 395 from Reno to Topaz Lake - Hwy 88 from Minden, NV to Jackson, CA - Hwy 89 from Hope Valley to Hwy 50 - the Lake Tahoe region in general Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
11/13/2016 19:35:30 Mandiepettyrn16 Nursing, medicine, emergency medicine, hospitals
11/15/2016 17:08:52 Ezmee Biology Psychology Mental Illness Synesthesia English Fairy tales Music Instruments Violin Tuba Marching band Orchestra Medicine 1800s medicine Neurology Neurosurgery Literature Gothic literature 1800s fashion Antique fashion Reanimation Florida USA Orlando
11/17/2016 22:03:59 skicanoesun32 Tall Ships, Schooners, Emergency Medical Services, Skiing New Hampshire, Vermont,
11/19/2016 5:48:07 Libbet Traditional mountain crafts Coal country life Quilting Southwest Virginia Coal country Appalachian mountains
11/20/2016 18:12:10 quickbeam computer (embedded software - elevator controls, TV cable boxes, etc) prairie plants farming Northern Minnesota rural farm country Bulgaria
11/22/2016 8:27:59 trainisloud Social work Peace Corps Rocket Stoves Summer Camps Pulp Fiction Dominican Republic Nashville TN Western Pennsylvania
11/22/2016 16:54:41 Signora Ted Irish history Irish language Piano/music Ireland Britain
11/23/2016 0:11:25 WrileyWrites The deaf community/ASL questioning gender/sexuality being anemic/fainting (I do so a lot) sewing/painting/any art stuff breaking/jamming fingers (also do this a lot) Ultimate Frisbee playing instruments (personally play the flute, piccolo, ukulele, guitar, piano, drums) running a small business Austin, Texas Louisiana
3/24/2017 15:02:56 bubblemoon66 Asexuality, Sociology, Social Anthropology Southport, Sefton, Merseyside (England/UK) Derby, Derbyshire (England/UK) Durham, Durham County (England/UK)
6/1/2017 11:41:40 ArcaneArchivist I've studied all of these things extensively and taken a number of university courses on them. It's a decent list, so keep scrolling if you don't find what you need at the top: Psychology Anthropology (Archaeology, Culture, Linguistics, Human Evolution, Skeletal Remains) European History (A lot in general, specifically British Isles, Greece, and Rome) American History Egyptian History European Mythology (Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Roman, Greek, Norse, Germanic, etc) American Urban Legends Fairy/Faerie Mythology (The old scary kind. Not Tinker Bell fairies.) Egyptian Mythology Latin (I can translate things to or from this language) Anatomy Basic Medicine Wiccan and Pagan Belief Systems (I'm not Wiccan or Pagan myself, but I studied the religions extensively and did an anthropology independent study on an unofficial coven at my university, My roommate is also Pagan.) US (specifically Virginia, West Virginia, and DC) England (specifically the Midlands near Derby and Nottingham) Ireland (specifically Dublin and Killarney)
6/1/2017 19:02:31 qpeedore medicine injuries medical procedure surgery kidney failure dialysis doctors medical school caribbean trinidad and tobago
6/1/2017 19:10:30 Shadowspun_Witch Police work, 911 operations, criminology, mythology, herbs Virginia
6/3/2017 22:03:02 watsonesque Phlebotomy (aka needles, injections, blood draws, body fluid samples) Basic nursing and medicine Grammar and mechanics Diabetes Living in a small town Living out of country Modern poetry Knitting Spinning Mountain biking The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Mormons LDS missionaries Learning a foreign language Addiction to pornography Playing the piano Deep Creek/Lapoint/Roosevelt Utah (aka middle of nowhere, Utah) Orem Utah Ecuador (Guayaquil and Milagro especially)
6/21/2017 13:20:53 Princesco Travelling, airports, missing flights and anything that can go wrong during your travels. The difference between Universities in the UK, Romania and Japan. The inner workings of Universities: the life of lecturers, professors and assistants. Sailing: being a child in which one parent is a sailor and is gone months at a time, specifically the hardships and dysfunctions that come with the sacrifices. Romania: Bucharest, Brasov, Bran Castle, Constanta, Vama Veche, Sinaia Manchester, UK Tokyo, Japan
6/28/2017 23:25:13 DriveAlive hunting, firearms, Chicago, and Jaguar cars. hunting around the world, including Africa. Also knowledgeable about Chicago.
7/16/2017 0:18:45 PencilShavings Depression LGBT Topics Greek Mythology Monsters and Myths Vampires Alternative Music Discrimination and Bias The Psychology of Bias The Sociology of Bias Sociology The American Education System The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 Feminism Coal Miner's Family West Virginia America The Appalachian Region Coal Country
7/25/2017 20:28:07 kjpicketts Phlebotomy / Taking blood Blood tests Medical laboratories Medical testing Medical specimens / samples Vancouver, BC
8/16/2017 21:14:06 LeeHutch1914 I'm a retired detective who worked arson cases primarily. I'm now a history professor and I'm very knowledgeable about WW1 and WW2. Southeast Texas and Southern Louisiana
9/13/2017 16:26:07 CongressTart The United Kingdom English literature Linguistics Sociolinguistics Quebec history Quebec literature France The French language French travel writing Library and information science Teaching English as a foreign language Colchester, United Kingdom Nottingham, United Kingdom Bromley, United Kingdom Nancy, France Metz, France Obernai, France Strasbourg, France
9/14/2017 1:27:00 Serenjns Mental illness
9/18/2017 20:30:28 explosioned Chemistry & materials science (BS Materials Science & Engineering) Art conservation, especially objects (MS Conservation) Climate science & history of climate change