Writing Community Application Design

What this is

  • These are the requirements for building a writing community application for year-round writer interaction of a similar nature to NaNoWriMo but with some improvements imagined (in terms of flexibility and capabilities)


  • Similar to how facebook operates (vs. a forum): a user makes a post to a wall associated with a user or a project or a work or an event or a group or a community; there can be image(s) or URL(s) associated with the post. Others can post replies to the post.
  • Messages can be private (to the owner of the wall) or public; not sure if we want to define more precise settings (buddies)
  • Owners can moderate their walls (removing messages, blocking users)
  • Walls can be public, private; they can be open to general writing or closed to just the owner

Application screens

  • Home - News
    • List of communities (presented with image thumbnails)
    • List of events (presented with graph thumbnails)
  • Events page
    • Expose the event fields
    • show the community stats and graph
  • Buddies (of the user)
    • following/followed by
    • events stats, projects, activity
    • last message posted to your wall (public/private) by each buddy
  • Projects (of user)
    • Event / Group / Community
    • Wall messages
    • Progress / statistics / personal graphs
  • Works (of user)
    • cover art thumbnails
    • links and status of each work; links to projects associated with each work
    • wall messages

Data model

Counter data model 161221.png