Use of emotional response

I had an idea to help create effective plot points by creating a map of the emotional responses that effective novels can create in the reader and the generalized situations used to evoke those emotional responses. Note that these are the reader's emotions, which ideally should be a smaller set than those of the characters in the novel (e.g., you don't really want your reader to be bored or disgusted, do you?). This map is likely not complete at this point; feel free to help out by updating the map or by posting your ideas in the Discussion area for this page (I can incorporate them into the mindmap). This mindmap was created using Freemind.

Tim 12:44, 22 September 2007 (PDT)


New mindmap?

Mindmap: File:Emotional


That's awesome, Tim! I like it a lot - good back and forth between abstract concepts and concrete events.