How do I participate?

See the planned Schedule of Events for 2007 and try to attend as many of the activities as you can squeeze in.

The best way for you to ensure your success in NaNoWriMo (success = completion of your 50,000+ word novel in 30 days in November) is to go into November as well prepared as you can. The official rules of NaNoWriMo say you cannot begin writing your novel until November 1st (just after midnight); however, you can certainly plot out your story, flesh out your characters and do all of your background research between now and then. When November comes, you want to spend all of your spare time writing, producing words that will count towards your total and move you closer to your goal of completing your novel.

Accordingly, this year (2007) we have planned three novel prep sessions in October and we're sponsoring write-ins at the 95th Street Library in Naperville as well as at the Warrenville Municipal Center for each Sunday in November, 1-4 pm CST.

You should also go to the official NaNoWriMo site ( and register yourself (it's free to attend, as are all of our events). Post a hello in the Illinois::Naperville forum there.

We will also be sponsoring jabber chat rooms and regular online wordwars (timed writing events designed to provide folks with extra motivation and support for writing their daily goals).

Still have questions? Write to us at naperville_il - at -