A NaNoWriMo website wishlist

A NaNoWriMo website wishlist

This is a wishlist of enhancements for NaNoWriMo

Database Changes

All the database changes needed

NaNo Wiki

What needs to be done to put a wiki engine into NaNoWriMo. It can/will be used for

  • FAQ lists
  • Writer references
  • Region supporting information and links

Word Count Related Changes

Things related to wcapi

FTP/Web Space for Regions

  • ML-controlled web space for regions to hold things like NaNoWriMo hipster PDA templates, customized flyers, etc.

Conceptual Change Placeholders

Things we want to do but aren't sure how to do yet.

  • Put a mechanism in place to let people home their wordcount to some made-up group (without disturbing the one-region-home rule). This would allow folks to set up smaller (or larger) word war challenges across geographical boundaries, in essence creating a new grouping that is neither region nor genre.
  • Automatically track the wordcount stats for these wordcount groups and let anyone create them (maybe just the ML's?)