What to do the rest of the year?

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Local writing groups

The Journey is our Naperville region's writing group. We organize social events for the writers, have regular online (jabber) chats, do some critiquing and at least one major writing project (e.g., a short story anthology like Infinite Monkeys (2009)).

Related Writing Events

List initially compiled by Atalanta, the ML from NY::Elsewhere. See this OpenOffice.org document. Also see this great list on the JanNoWriMo site.

Pledge to Publish

  • Now you have a written novel... What do you do to get it published? Pledge to Publish is a local writing group that helps writers commit to and complete every step in the pre-publishing process.
  • See http://pledging.teiru.net for the Pledge text. Contact NewMexicoKid for more information.

National Novel Finishing Month (NaNoFiMo) in December

January Novel Writing Month (JanNoWriMo)

National Novel Editing Month (NaNoEdMo) in March

Script Frenzy in June

  • Write a 20,000 word script; can be done with a partner. Managed by the Office of Letters and Light, the same people who manage NaNoWriMo.
  • http://www.scriptfrenzy.org/

July Novel Writing Month (JulNoWriMo)

National Novel Publishing Year (NaNoPubYe)

National Novel Writing Year (NaNoWriYe)


  • Year round writing or editing with online forums for support
  The rules are simple:
  1) You can either Edit for a month, or Write for a month.
  --> Writing can be a new project or completing an existing one.
  --> Editing goals are number of pages to edit
  OR number of hours to spend editing.
  --> Rewriting can be done under editing or writing.