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List of Chicago Western Suburb NaNoWriMo'ers

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BeRaven was the original senior Municipal Liaison for Illinois::Naperville. With NewMexicoKid, she was co-ML in 2005, the first year that the region had its own NaNoWriMo forum.



  • See my home page for more details. I'm one of four Municipal Liaisons for the NaNoWriMo Illinois::Naperville region and have been a Municipal Liaison for this region since 2005. You can read my NaNoWriMo profile for more information. Among the innovations I've introduced to NaNoWriMo:
    • NaNoWriMo hipsterPDA
    • Writer's Block Rocks
    • regional songs used in word wars
    • Illinois::Naperville's partnership with the Naperville Public Library
    • Illinois::Naperville's partnership with Barnes and Noble
    • the NaNoWriMo word count API (in partnership with Russ Uman aka firebus)
    • Illinois::Naperville's jabber chat room