The Pledge

Initial proposal by KatherineWriting with input from NewMexicoKid

DRAFT - This is Just a DRAFT: feel free to edit/add points

12/8/07 Pledge Meeting AGENDA

  • Drop the "to Publish" part of the Pledge group, idea is more of a writer's group where people can participate at differing levels and with different commitments. Some people will still be working to get published, but it isn't necessary to have that as a goal for 2008 to be involved with "the Pledge."
  • Determine goals & structure for 2008 -- see draft strawman proposal
  • Schedule jabber chats -- determine best day/time, discuss focusing on writing one day, less focused another night?
  • Meetings with remote participants--outside of regular jabber chats, like the live meetings, only everyone is remote.
  • Schedule live meetings -- both writing, and socializing ones
  • Talk about PG-13, Violence, Sex -- overall what is acceptable and what isn't?
  • Learn about online critiquing--such as,,, any others? (Bring laptops to 12/8/07 meeting.)
  • Determine critiquing structure/plan.
  • Discuss/plan a Writing Weekend (Plan most of a weekend 'getaway' for focusing on writing).

Strawman Proposal for Live Writing Meetings

  • held in space we can spread out like Municiple Building, Warrenville City Hall, Katherine & Barry's house, coffee shop not at a meal time:
  • NOTE: We wouldn't do all of these (a-e) at one meeting--just what seemed reasonable or slightly reasonable when planning an actual meeting.

a) Real-time Critiquing/Revising

  • Bring six hard copy printouts of up to 500 words to critique in real-time. Bring issues and problems you're having with writing. Bring food (if not at a coffee shop.)
  • Start by playing a writing related game--like Loaded Questions, fictionary, etc
  • Break into groups of no more than six each, and critique each other's 500 word material.
  • Afterwards, ten minutes of quiet revision.
  • Second critique of same material in same groups.

b) Written critiques for the next meeting

  • (Optional -- not everyone needs to do this) Print three copies of up to 5000 words to ask people to take home and critique before the next live meeting. For each one you bring, you must critique at least three from others. (If you don't do all you commit to, then you don't get to bring a new writing sample next time.) Can glance through the hard copy printout before committing. Warning of content should be on first page.

c) Writing exercise

  • Writing exercise -- write for ten minutes. Can be specific for something your novel needs, or can be general based on a writing prompt.
  • Break into smaller groups if needed (if > 6 people), different than from last time. Read what has been written, asking for help in specifics--like, I wanted to show how angry she was--any ideas on how I could have done that?
  • Revise for five minutes.

d) One on one critiquing

  • One on one critiquing--break into pairs and read someone's stuff while they read yours. Talk about what grabbed you, what didn't.

e) Other activities

  • Food, talking, asking questions about any of the above.
  • Another game? Plans for games?
  • Talk about fun stuff to do next time or in the future at some point.
  • Other ideas?

Strawman Proposal for Jabber Writing Meetings

  • time:00:

Start with a short writing exercise--add a paragraph using X to someone's existing scene. Do this via chatting together, rather than going off and doing it individually. (Like, in a scene where the wizard is about to zap someone--use the words: startling, murky, and middle-school. (We can come up with the words as part of the chat as well.)) The idea is that we work together to come up with a couple of highly unusual lines that the author may or may not use as is, but will probably spark some creative thinking.

Questions about writing: I was wondering how to get my character to do X--and ask for help from people.

  • time:45: Anything.

Strawman Proposal for Remote Critiquing Meetings

  1. Have material ready to be critiqued--posted in the pledge site.
  2. Start by playing a writing related game in the chat room.
  3. Read & provide comments on someone's posting. (one-on-one, or one-to-many?)
  4. Revise & repost (by authors)
  5. Second critique of same item (same person?)
  6. Other activities?

Strawman Proposal for Live Socializing Meetings

  • Can be at a restaurant
  • Food
  • Talk/Writing Games. (Perhaps one where we have to ask each other something to find out more about each other, and mix-it up a bit?)
  • Maybe plan next one.

Strawman Proposal for Jabber Socializing Meetings

  1. Round robin of what we've been up to.
  2. Writing Exercises to do in real-time?
  3. Socialize.

Other thoughts/comments