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  • Kimberly Dawn wrote:

Because there are HUGE misunderstandings about what a copyright is these days and I keep seeing them repeated over and over again. I thought I could help.

There's a good start.

So, yes fan fiction is a violation of copyright.

Copyrights are made as soon as you make them into apparent form. So automatically everything in this post is being copyrighted as I write it.

This post will be invalid in its copyright after I'm dead for EIGHTY years.

Also another thing to know is that an official copyright is EXPENSIVE, which is why most publishers will do it for you. It will cost you quite a bundle, unless you intend to have a high volume, and should be done through a lawyer. Trade mark and copyright often get confused, BTW, but you can't copyright titles to books, etc. You can copyright ideas, expressions of art, etc. specific phrases, slogans and titles are trademarks. ^_^

  • MThornton

official copyright requires the filing of form TX for literary works, sending along 1 or more copies of the work to be copyrighted and $30.00 Copyright itself is not the expensive part. correcting an error in the submission is $100.00 and any investigation into existing copyrights is $75.00 per hour.

Trademark application as of this year is $325.00 per each class of goods or service that you submit.

ISBN registration is done in blocks of 10 and begins at $225.00 with an additional publisher registration fee of $25.00

I've got a list of links to various agencies US, UK, Aus and others listed here, along with other information for registration or self publishing, including ISBN and barcode ordering.

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Where am I?

A phenomenally complete Excel spreadsheet that helps you keep track of your progress. It could save you time, unless you use it obsessively just to watch the charts and graphs change. Includes a morale tracker.

What AM I doing?

character worksheet and other resources It may be a bit late muck around with plotting, but you never know what you're gonna need. This is where our character worksheet came from. The site also includes character biography worksheet, fantasy and sci-fi world-building forms, and story starters.

Is this for real?

Check out the Character and Plot Realism thread on the NaNo forum. This is the place to go for the skinny on weight-lifting, Italian folk magic, creative assassinations, or summoning angelic beings. It's also a great place to mess around when all you really want to do is, well, procrastinate.