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Originally posted by lisalightning in nano-technology:

I must say, I have not seen Hiveword mentioned much. It is rather new I think. It is a free cloud based novel planning program, and I love it! LitLift seems to have the same idea, but I haven't quite got the hang of it. Hiveword is very easy to use and I like the look of it, inspiring somehow, maybe it is colors they use. I wish they would expand it into a Scrivener type program... I have the free trial of Schrivener for windows, but it just isn't helping me, need to play with it some more I guess. I watched some tutorials by Rosepetals1984 on You Tube on Liquid Story Binder (there are quite a few tutorials there) and that seems like the ticket to me, once you learn to use it. I have looked through this forum and so far have complied quite a list of programs that are out there, many of which are free.

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Just plain organizing, not necessarily intended for writing

  • Trello - this looks great, wish I had found it before for just todo lists, it's free
  • DropTask


Mindmapping abounds, just google mindmapping...

For Novel Planning

More novel planning, for organizing characters, settings and scenes, etc

Well known... for organizing and writing

Cloud base programs... mostly for writing...

Distraction-free text editors

As you can see there are quite a few programs out there.