Library Crawl 2016

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Welcome to the 2016 NaperWriMo Space Crawl, part of the local events supporting the USA::Illinois::Naperville region of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Be sure to consider attending some or all of our five planned workshops in October (as always, all of our events are free!).

Writing a novel can be a daunting experience--it is a complex, huge task. But if you ease into it, you will find that it can be a manageable, rich experience that you can savor.

What are the write-in logistics?


See the events page or [MEDIA:LIBRARY CRAWL BROCHURE 2016.PDF].

What is the Space Crawl/Library Crawl?

The brainchild of Sarah Kovac (librarian at Carol Stream and sarahk06 on NaNoWriMo), the Library Crawl is intended to add a bit of fun to NaNoWriMo and encourage participants to visit each of the participating libraries in November, attending their write-in events.

Come take a writing tour of the exotic worlds of the Library Space Crawl.

What do NaNo participants do?

Just attend the scheduled write-ins and be sure to pick up the library-specific post card from the write-in host. Each library card playfully shows a different touristy space post card--be sure to collect all of them!. Note: you should put your username (and optionally your novel title) on each card you receive.

How do I keep my collected cards?

We will be giving out free NaNoWriMo hipster PDAs (the 2016 version) at the Preparatory Workshops in October for you to use to store your cards. If any are available in November, we'll be glad to share them while supplies last. Otherwise, you will be able to download the file and print out your own. :-)

How do I enter the raffle?

Bring your library crawl cards to the TGIO party on Saturday, December 10th at the Naperville Municipal Center. Each card will be punched for a raffle ticket into the prize drawing.

How many prizes can I win?

Collecting many cards will contribute to your chances to win; however each participant can win a maximum of one prize.

Do I have to be present to win?

Yes, to win a prize you must attend the TGIO party. However, if you can't make it you are still welcome to participate for the pride of completion!

What do NaNo participants get?

Each card you get will be good for one special raffle ticket at the December 10th TGIO (Thank Goodness It's Over) Pot-luck Party. Several of the libraries will be contributing great prizes for the raffle.

Which libraries are participating?

Write-ins with active hosts

Write-ins without active hosts

You can find the logistics for their write-ins on the [NaperWriMo calendar]. There is also information there on preparatory workshops in October that can help you prepare for NaNoWriMo.


How do I prepare for NaNoWriMo?

There are four preparatory workshops in October this year. See the [NaperWriMo calendar] for details. If you've missed the preparatory workshops, see the notes and slides from all our past workshops.

What if a library has more than one write-in scheduled and I go to all of them?

You can receive one space post card per write-in attended.

What do I do with all of the library cards?

As you collect them, you can add them to your NaNoWriMo hipster PDA. In 2016, we will be distributing the hipster PDAs at the preparatory workshops in October.