Frequently asked questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

NaNoWriMo Illinois::Naperville Region

Q: Who are you and what is this about?

A: Hi, my name is Tim aka NewMexicoKid. I'm a volunteer co-municipal liaison for NaNoWriMo's Chicago western suburbs region that is centered in Naperville. BERaven (Bonnie Jean) is my partner and mentor co-ML for the region.

Q: Say I join the region, what do I do next?

A: If you haven't already done so, please come to our welcome thread and post a note introducing yourself to the other participants. You can say something about who you are and what you are writing. There are several other threads of interest in our regional forum. You can also place yourself on our regional map and contribute to our regional wiki site that is going to serve as an example of next year's official NaNo wiki engine. You can also go to the yahoogroups nanowrimo-west-suburbs e-mail list and subscribe to it. This list is used for communications within the group during the normal year and especially for planning in preparation for the next NaNoWriMo.

Q: When and where are the write-ins?

A: You are very welcome to come to our Sunday write-in's, which are also in the downtown Naperville Barnes and Noble from 1-3 pm just outside their upstairs music area (there will be a big sign).

Q: Where can I find the recommended books?

A: Make sure to avail yourselves of the great displays of recommended books that the Naperville Nichols and 95th street libraries have set up for the month of November. The Nichols library went so far as to buy every book on the list we sent that they didn't already have.

hipster PDA

The hipster PDA is a cool, retro-low tech solution to information management. One uses a collection of blank and written 3x5 index cards bound with a binder clip or collected in a special carrier to jot down notes. Here are some pertinent links:

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