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== Jabber events ==
== IRC events ==
Send NaNoMail to NewMexicoKid and request your jabber account to [http://writing.teiru.net/applet join in on the jabber chatroom write-ins].
See [http://naperwrimo.org/irc the information on our IRC-based regional chatroom].

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Google Calendar Events

Welcome to the events page for NaperWriMo, the USA::Illinois::Naperville region of National Novel Writing Month.

Location: see location maps Be sure to bookmark http://naperwrimo.org/events that will always point to the latest Events page. See our event locations on a google map. This year will be the first Library Crawl. View a concise list of all November 2014 write-in events to see who is hosting which one.


See this google docs list that shows who is hosting each write-in

Upcoming Events

Googledocs spreadsheet in full.

IRC events

See the information on our IRC-based regional chatroom.