Naperville defeated France in the 2008 Regional Word War; this page is set up to commemorate the event's outcome. The WriMo's of France, led by their gracious ML Azh, paid off their bet with this good spirited delivery of Naperville's theme song: Typin' Away Again Near Dear ol' Naperville

A Message from Azh, ML for France

Bonjour Naperwrimos !

This is Eva, the French ML who's trying to speak English. I'm hoping you'll be able to understand me with my awful prononciation but since I'm not sure, I'm giving you the transcript as well.

Our TGIO took place last Saturday. We were in a nice Creole restaurant in Paris and I need to tell you all of my Wrimos were very happy we had this challenge against you. Even if we lost, it did wonders for your productivity. So we want to say a big "thank you, Naperville".

After the restaurant we needed to find a place to sing your song... and we decided on a laundry : it was empty and we thought it would be fun... as long as nobody in uniforms appeared. We tried to sing but as you can see on the video, we aren't the best singers, far from it. And we laughed quite a lot.

I sing the song a second time alone just before I reccorded this message. I'm sorry for being so late in sending them. I hope you have a great TGIO and an even better holiday season.

Gros bisous depuis Paris,


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