About the 2010 Word War

From its founding in 2005 through 2009, the Naperville region has won every inter-regional word war: Toronto (2005), Montreal (2006), Ottawa (2007), France (2008), and Birmingham-West Midlands (UK) and Belgium/Holland (2009). Alas, that string of victories came to an end in 2010 when Canada::Alberta::Calgary defeated Naperville in a squeaker: 239 words per wrimo.

This page is set up to commemorate the event's outcome and pay off Naperville's bet.


A Message from NewMexicoKid, ML for Illinois::Naperville

To the Calgary-o-taurs: of all our years of inter-regional word wars, we had never experienced defeat until we fought you. Your region is tough (oh, why didn't I remember the warning that Edmonton gave about you...?) and even though we came close (239 words per wrimo!), we couldn't overcome the large number of 100K+ writers in your region and overall persistence of your writers. So Congratulations to you for this year. I hope you enjoy our songs.

Tim (aka NewMexicoKid)

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Typing Away Again Near Dear Ol' Naperville

This is Naperville's regional song


Home on the Page (for fun)

Bart had this great idea to see what the Calgary song would be like if it were sung as a sad song.

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