The NaNoBot 18K+ challenge: 7 days, 18K+ words, 20 nanobots

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50564 words so far Winner!

So, you knew it was coming, those of you who saw and participated last year. And maybe this comes at just the right time, as your hopes and motivation are fading and we enter the final week of NaNoWriMo. You need a challenge (and one that is orthogonal to Katherine's excellent challenge that takes you through Sunday). I happen to have twenty new, black nanobot bodies (plus a few extras, some of which might be door prizes at the upcoming TGIO party December 8th; have you RSVP'd?):

Even though they haven't yet received their eyes and arms, there's something magical about them, something strangely compelling. You find yourself wanting one. You can imagine yourself holding the little fellow. The need drives at you. Gnaws at you. It's precious! Your precious. It could be your totem throughout 2013, something you could bring with you to every write-in next year.

Vulnerable to inception? Not with this little guy at your side!

And it could happen. After all, how many people could sign up to write 18000+ words in the final week of NaNoWriMo? That's almost 1000 words more a day than the minimum of 1667 (2571+). Do you have it in you? Do you?

And there are only twenty of the black nanobots available in this challenge. What if more than twenty people sign up and write at least 18000 words each? Well, the ones with the most words written within the final seven days will win their nanobot.

You can sign up any time. I will use the wcapi to get your wordcount from day 22 as your starting point.

What's that? You want the pot sweetened a bit? Maybe you thought you couldn't top KatherineWriting for overall wordcount but you might have enough left in you to write more than she does in the final seven days to win this?

Yes, that's right. I lied a little. There are actually 21 nanobots in this offer. And the person who writes the most words in the final seven days wins the black nanoborg.

Note: those who win should let me know if they prefer the unadorned black nanobot body (to decorate on their own) or if they want me to add the eyes and arms. It may take me a while to get everything glued, so delivery might not take place until January's Journey meeting.

201228 words so far Winner!

I'm in. And, for those competitive types, I'm not planning on writing after noon on the 30th. (But I don't guarantee I won't save a thousand or so to update at the last minute, hee-hee.)

91896 words so far Winner!

Even though I am fighting a cold, I'm in and will try for the 18k words by the 30th!

Let the fun begin!



52161 words so far Winner!

Just so happens that I have about 18k words to write if I'm going to finish on time. So yes, I am definitely all in.

52188 words so far Winner!

I need more than 18k if I'm going to win, so I might as well be in :).

70722 words so far Winner!

Hmm. I'm in.

64619 words so far Winner!

I'm in. I was looking for something to help push me to finish strong this year and not poop out after I hit 50K.

53266 words so far Winner!

I'm in. To quote Dr. Smith, "Oh, the pain. The pain..."

52005 words so far Winner!

Oi. I've fallen so far behind. I'm in.

Figment: Twist, the dive-bombing leopard gecko

56007 words so far Winner!

You know I can't look a challenge in the eye and walk away.

My story is finally heating up - it can't be contained in 50k, so onward!

56476 words so far Winner!

I will try this! I think I still have 18k left in my story, and I think this would be very good motivation.

50421 words so far Winner!

I'm in - need almost 24,000!

91896 words so far Winner!

lol - I had a love / hate relationship with Dr. Smith growing up. Good reference. I wish I could develop some characters like him in my novels.

28000 words so far

I haven't written in forever. Literally.
(Okay, not literally. That was improper usage.)

And I'm not sure I'll be able to pull out 18k.

But we'll see what happens.

53266 words so far Winner!

Wow, Nanobot Fever is a good driver of word count...

122222 words so far Winner!

Challenge Accepted >:D

50564 words so far Winner!

Looks like Dave (TRRDEDEAN) is in the lead as of 9:35 AM, Sunday, 25 November:

53266 words so far Winner!

Heh! Dean, I so agree with you regarding Dr. Smith! Of course, you mean in the reruns, right? 'Cause we were too young to have seen the first-runs, RIGHT?

Deleted [Deleted]
53266 words so far Winner!

Thanks Tim, no pressure...

91896 words so far Winner!

You are so kind. Of course the reruns (cough, cough). I won't tell anyone that kids fashions changed with the new season then the Robinson's put their clothes in the recycle and out came new styles.

Keep on writing!

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