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Adoptable Plot Points

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Adoptable Plot Points
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Sep 21, 2011 - 18 04

* Zombie apocalypse breaks out in Juneau, Alaska (or Skidegate, or Prince Rupert, BC). This is bound to fail because killer whales eat zombies in the ocean, and the resident population of formerly gentle and cuddly bears, now enraged, eat zombies on the land. Add the resident population having nets, guns, and Canadian or Americans from cruise-ships coming to get their revenge, and it's going to end.

* Angry hissing geese descend!

* Corpse-eating ducks foil murders. Or necromancers. Or zombies.


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From a jabber brainstorm session with Askeladd:

  • He felt oppressed by them his whole life.
  • A bitter old woman seeks redress for the ruin of her life.
  • An unnatural storm sweeps over the land, leaving tragedy in its wake.
  • A ____ in religious orders has a crisis of faith
  • A poor family is given a bag of gold by someone who had found it and intended good; but they become targets for bandits.
  • A thief has a revelation and wants to reform, but everything goes wrong with her attempts to come clean and lead a different life.
  • A group of friends must quickly organize a party when they learn that one of them has been diagnosed with a terrible disease and only has a little while to live
  • After surviving an accident which kills his parents, a young boy discovers a device that lets him travel to parallel worlds
  • Parents of a newly adopted baby discover to their horror that terrible forces seek to capture or kill their baby.
  • While on a vacation to an exotic land, newlyweds are separated and lost;must overcome many challenges, including temptations, to find their way back to each other.
  • A young man is increasingly concerned about his mental state, fearing that one day he will “snap” - he keeps a journal which chronicles his descent
  • A girl finds a bag of gold - she wants to keep it, but she knows that she shouldn’t - she should try to find out to whom it belongs
  • A teenager witnesses a respected teacher committing some “white collar” crime - he wants to report it, but then nobody believes that this highly-respected teacher would ever do such a thing
  • A “party girl” is forced to grow up fast when confronted with the sudden demise of her parents
  • A young boy emigrates with his family to another land, but on the voyage there, all die but he, and he lands in a foreign country all alone, penniless, friendless, etc.
  • A couple get stranded in their car by an unexpected snowstorm, high in the mountains - the wife pleads with the husband to stay put and wait for rescuers, but the husband wants to set off, fearing that otherwise no one will discover them until spring
  • A young man must choose between living in the ways of his ancestors, and seeking fame and fortune as a talented ______.

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