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What to bring to the 95th Street Library Write-in 11/7

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What to bring to the 95th Street Library Write-in 11/7
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Books to donate
Sara (xaanterra) will be at the write-in at the 95th Street Library today (11/7) to receive any books people want to donate to the great book drive, so please consider bringing out books to donate.

Stuffed Animals
We have a long tradition of stuffed animals in our region. It's a kind of ice breaker. Feel free to bring along your furry friend to keep you company as you type away at our write-in.

Power cords
If you have extensions cords and power strips, you might want to bring them out. The room is large; I'll have two sets, but more will likely be helpful.

The NPL doesn't loan out laptops the way the Aurora Public Library does, so be sure to bring your laptop or else be prepared to write long-hand. Note that the NPL has wi-fi.

Drinks and eats are allowed; I'll have a bag of cookies to share today.

A sense of fun and adventure
This is day 7; are you having fun yet? No? You will very soon!

Any questions? Suggestions for anything I may have forgotten? Be sure to see the Writer's Die post.


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