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Reminder: Second prep session October 9th, Eola Road Branch Library

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Reminder: Second prep session October 9th, Eola Road Branch Library
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Hello, Naperville region WriMo's!

For those who don't know me, I'm Tim (aka NewMexicoKid), one of three volunteer co-Municipal Liaisons who are here to enrich your NaNoWriMo experience. My colleagues are Katherine (KatherineWriting) and Dave (TRRDEDEAN). You may ask, "Why do we do this?"--my reply: because it's a lot of fun, personally rewarding and it makes us happy to help others share in this joy.

I sent out today this e-mail to everyone affiliated with the Illinois::Naperville region that represents the cities and suburbs west of Chicago; we encourage everyone who is participating in NaNo this year to set Naperville as their region home. There are instructions on how to accomplish that. If you set your home to our region, your word count and donation statistics will contribute to the region totals, which helps us in our inter-regional competitions.

Preparatory Workshops
We have two more prep workshops planned for October. One occurs tomorrow (Saturday, October 9th) at the Eola Road Branch Library (Aurora Public Library system). See for maps to our event locations. I've been told we will be in one of the two rooms that are directly opposite the doors to the branch library (which is located inside the Eola Community Center). The prep sesion, led by Crystal Blount, runs from 1-3 pm and will cover narrative voice, points of view and some fun writing exercises along with a Q&A session.

The final prep session will be Saturday, October 16th, 1-3 pm at the 95th Street Library in Naperville. That one will be led by long-time Naperville region member Joe Turpin (the guy in the fedora) and will cover character development.

We'll be handing out Hipster PDAs (plus some extra cards) at each of our prep sessions.

Kick-off Party
October 30, 11:45-3 PM, Naperville Municipal Center, is the fun-filled kick-off party. A pot-luck lunch event, there will be a RSVP thread in our forum for people to sign-up to bring dishes and such to contribute; we'll have games and door prizes, so plan to come on out for a great way to get charged up for November.

Regional forum
Be sure to visit the Naperville regional forum ( You can introduce yourself, ask questions (and answer them), share information, and post URLs to useful NaNo forums found elsewhere on the site. Just be aware that it is an all-ages-friendly forum (just as our events are all-ages friendly).

Book Drive
NaNoWriMo is holding a great book drive this year to raise money for its Young Writer's Program. See our call for volunteers to help out by coordinating our region's participation in the event.

Not participating in NaNo this year?
Some of you may be past participants who aren't (for various reasons) planning to participate in NaNo this year. That's perfectly fine. If the regional e-mail traffic becomes too much, you can temporarily unsubscribe from receiving regional e-mail through your NaNoWriMo profile.

NaperWriMo Blog, Wiki and Cafepress stores
We will post stories with useful information at our blog:

You can find many good references at our wiki:

Event information can be found here:

We have a Cafepress store with NaperWriMo goods: Proceeds from sales help us MLs offset our regional expenses (which comes out of our own pockets). Any overage goes to the Office of Letters and Light, which runs NaNoWriMo.


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