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My name is Carly Janelle Tuma, and I never know what to say in these things. I enjoy a lot of things, like autumn sun and spring breezes and freshly fallen snow and grass that reaches up to my shoulders. I dislike very few things, like too-long summers and sweating and feeling creative but having no outlet.

I’m working on rectifying that last one.

Things I enjoy: Putting pen to paper, being one with a 1200 lb hooved animal, poetry on porches with candlelight, reckless abandon, delicious ambiguity, the sensation right before a good sneeze, the place between sleeping and waking, waking up talking, soft toilet paper, peach lemonade, rubber scrapers, salty popcorn, cheesy romance movies, cleaning up horse poop, pomegranate lemonade, approaching things from an angle that others normally don’t, staying up late enough to watch the sunrise and hear the birds begin to sing, the smell of lilacs, dirt beneath my fingernails, sand between my toes, pocket lint, the smell of dryer sheets, candle wax, banjos, coffee, perforated things.

Come back later, and I might actually have more to say about myself. No promises that it will be relevant or meaningful. But that’s just a risk you have to take.