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I've been an avid writer since grade school, writing a variety of silly short stories, a crappy movie screen play, a handful of unpublished novels, many ridiculous party invitations, and years of creative holiday letters.

Over the past several years my writing has focused on a series of BarnYard Heroes novels. The BarnYard Heroes were ordinary barnyard creatures before being abducted by a space alien who preformed a variety of extremely complex and often painful experiments on them. These experiments have given the BarnYard Heroes incredible, though often unpolished, superpowers. Unfortunately the funding for the alien's project got canceled and the BarnYard Heroes, with their unfinished superpowers, were forced to find refuge on Earth. Each novel in the series is written for the perspective of a different BarnYard Heroes and chronicles this hero's adventures as he/she saves the world from utter destruction or at the very least a serious beef and dairy shortage.