Plot emergency twists

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Original list from dabble. Feel free to add to this.

Someone tells a major character a secret so explosive it changes their lives forever.

A minor character becomes more important than previously anticipated.

A major character is suddenly put in an unexpected and dangerous situation.

A random theft occurs.

Your main character attends a large gathering of complete strangers.

A relationship with someone important dies because of a misunderstanding.

A main character is offered a large amount of the local currency to do something that is morally ambiguous

A gift turns out to have hidden strings.

An unexpected kiss between the unlikeliest of characters.

A death causes all the characters to re-evaluate their purpose in life.

Fear forces a major character to take dangerous risks.

Half the characters are killed in an horrific accident.

A new love affair is discovered.

An old conflict is resolved in an unexpected way.

A valued friend turns out to have a hidden agenda.

A new character arrives. Every second thing they say is a lie.

An illness threatens to expose an old secret.

Your protagonist finds themselves in the place they least want to be.

A major character sees something they shouldn’t have.

A message arrives; unfortunately it was delivered to the wrong person.

A practical joke goes horribly wrong.