NaNoWriMo Preparatory Workshop 2015-10-08 - NaNoWriMo In A Nutshell

Ref: Powerpoint slides

This interactive workshop covered many topics, including:

  • why you might want to write your novel in November
  • how you can develop a framework for your novel
  • why you want to finish in November
  • tools you might want to consider
  • strategies for succeeding
  • how to avoid getting derailed by
    • writer's block
    • plot bunnies
    • mid-month slump
    • not finishing in November

There were three writing exercises:

  • try out a word war (writing to one of three pictures)
  • visualization exercise (describe a place using all five senses but leaving out people)
  • add a person to the mix

Also see the NaNoWriMo in a Nutshell workshop delivered to the Windy City chapter of the Romance Writers of America, 2015-10-14.