Caribou Coffee 11/20...50k or bust

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61143 words so far Winner!

I am 4k away from reaching the 50k goal (my first time!) and will be at the Caribou Coffee shop from 1:15pm until I reach 50k! I'll probably keep typing and drinking coffee. If anyone wants to drop in, you're more than welcome to!

Caribou Coffee
Caribou in Naperville (near Dominick's) (1523 North Aurora Road # 107)


I'll post in this thread when I finally leave Caribou!

Happy Writing!

52188 words so far Winner!

Good luck!

If somehow it takes you 7+ hours to get that far, I might stop by after work, but somehow I doubt you'll need that long. :)

61143 words so far Winner!

Thank you! :)

I just got back to Caribou, so who knows? I'm determined to go well past 50k. :D

61143 words so far Winner!

Just broke my goal...time for dinner and leaving Caribou! XD

201228 words so far Winner!

woot! Good for you!

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