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50564 words so far Winner!

I just wrote a comment in Katherine (KatherineWriting)'s thread about adjusting for reality, sharing how I had lost my momentum and let my story drift off line. I've heard how experienced NaNo'ers like Katherine (Squiddish) and Joe (Corrupted Flame) have switched to new novels mid-stream; and I've seen how some wordcounts are lingering at Danger, Danger, Will Robinson levels. I imagine that I was not alone in feeling some mid-early-story-telling angst and anxiety.

After all, they say the opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference.

So if you are finding yourself in this space, realize that you are not alone. There are helpful articles about how you can re-center your story and rekindle that love for your novel. There are brilliant resources on the nanowrimo forums like the plot doctoring forum. And you can post here in our regional forum with your plot, where you're stuck and ask for help.

If you've faced a sticking point, please do share what you did to make it over the hump. I did (in the other thread).


54273 words so far Winner!

I am finding that I am having some trouble with timing; I'm following several characters and it's hard to get the timelines to match up. It's not a big deal right now, since I can move scenes around later.

What I'm really dreading is developing the relationship between the Air Force Captain and the courier stationed on her ship. She's very disciplined, and it's hard for me to imagine her as breaking the rule of not getting romantically involved with one's fellow soldiers. I'm thinking about having her justify it by telling herself that he's in a different branch of the service, but it's still hard. Regardless of her reasoning, the two are going to keep the relationship a secret, anyway. I've tried to add characterization by explaining that she's under pressure from her own parents to find a man and settle down, and that she's at least a little regretful of the fact that she doesn't have a family, but the whole situation still strikes me as a bit out-of-character for the Captain. Anyone have any thoughts on the matter?

51010 words so far Winner!

Is she competitive? Is he? Could you have her lose at something (or he win at something) and the result of their friendly competition is he gets to take her on a date? I'm guessing she already know she's a soldier so you can't have her accidentally hooking up with him first.

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