Saturday in Yorkville?

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Is anyone planning on going to the Yorkville Panera on Saturday?
I know it was mentioned but I didn't see it on the calendar and I know the progressive write in is taking place so I just wanted to see if anyone else was planning on being there.
ETA: Time would probably be helpful huh? I think last time was 1:30 -4:30.

Basil Cliffside
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Yorkville is closer to me, but the Progressive Write-In sounds like a lot of fun. If I'm able to go to anything on Saturday, I may as well go all the way to Naperville. But I don't want to leave someone by themselves in Yorkville either....

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I hadn't heard about one at the Panera in Yorkville I might come. I'm only a medium length walk from it but it really would depend on how well I feel.

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Dave mentioned in another thread that he was planning on hosting the Saturday in Yorkville every week, so I put it on the calendar. (I think he decided that after it was already in the calendar as a one-time event.)

So, good thing to ask that question publicly so that others can know about it as well.

Have fun!
(Or as Dave would say, Write early and write often!)

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I'm planning on hosting the Yorkville write in. I'll attend the progressive one in the morning (it'll be fun) and then head to Yorkville. Looking forward to seeing everyone!


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Yay! Can't wait! It is my first write in.

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