I almost gave up

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CJEGV 9 months ago
33590 words so far

I was so tired from work Monday and Tuesday I didn't write at all. That's when I look at my stats under My NaNoWriMo. I could still finish if I wrote under 2,000 words a day. That didn't seem so bad. I know the concept of turn off the editor but until last night I hadn't truly embraced it. I'm just writing chapters now and if I have to change their order upon editing, so be it. I also embraced my concept that this is a silly fantasy and I hadn't been silly enough. I mean, it's a fantasy, if I want the knight errant to pull out a cell phone I can. It's going to have a really deus ex machina ending anyway. I also found the adoption forum and already found lines I can use after styling them for my world. Whoo-hoo, here I go. CJ
P.S. I still need jokes

72582 words so far Winner!

Noooooooo!!! Don't give up. Even if you don't make the required 1.6k a day, who cares?! Just write, even if it's a couple hundred words. I always think, 'Well, it's words forward and that means progress.' Well, most of the time, anyways.

Good luck and keep moving forward!

The great computer crash of 11/1/2012 at 8:15PM. FML.

91896 words so far Winner!

Almost is the operative word!

You can do it. Sounds like a good plan to write the chapters and wait to arrange them later.

Every word you write is one lest you need to write!

Have a great day!

52161 words so far Winner!

Don't worry about meeting a certain number of words per day; just write what you can, when you can. I also had a "no word" day already, and several couple-hundred-word days. On the other hand, yesterday was around 3,000 words (although my stats tell it differently, since I didn't get it all typed up and entered until after midnight... It's all Daniel Craig's fault for being on The Tonight Show.)

It sounds like you're really getting into the mindset of NaNoWriMo now; turning off the Inner Editor (or at least tying it to a chair, preferably gagged) and just writing whatever, however it comes. Just from the idea of a knight pulling out a cell phone, your story sounds AWESOME. Run with it and go crazy!

You mentioned the adoption forum, which is a good idea. I'd also recommend looking at some dares. The Fantasy forum has a thread somewhere called "Fantasy Dares," and some of them are absolutely hilarious, and some of them can be strangely useful. For example, I was having the darndest time figuring out weapons my characters could carry without getting kicked out of school... until I read a dare about giving the characters some really obscure, "girly" hobby that they would later insist was a major part of how they defeated the Big Baddie--who was also into that same hobby and even better at it than they were. Voila: my modern-day teenagers are never without their knitting needles.

Like I said, you sound like you're on the right track now. Just keep writing! Congrats on NOT giving up; for that alone, in a way, you've already won.

52005 words so far Winner!

Woo! Go CJ!

It seems to be a year of slumps for people. Everybody I talk to mentions something about just feeling run down. It's been a tough year, I think, for just about everyone. The key is to keep picking away at it. Don't give up. From yesterday's pep talk:

Quote:Today, as I write this pep talk, I still feel fatigued and trepidatious. What else does the universe have in store for this month? Can I sustain this momentum? Can I stretch this story arc to 50K, and beyond? I don't know. But I do know I want to keep trying.

For those of you who have contemplated abandoning your novelor already haveI invite you to sit down, look at your novel-in-progress, and envision a November without the rest of the story you've started. Imagine your laundry is folded, your pillow creased from adequate use, dinner is cooked, socks are matching, your shoes are shined... but no novel.

Do you feel, like I did, the tug of longing? An insatiable curiosity to figure out something you don't yet fully understand? A certainty that this novel needs to come out, and now?

Reading that last night was exactly what I needed. I was on the verge of giving up myself. But, instead, I just gave myself a night off, accepted a 0 word day, and moved on. :) I feel much better this morning, and ready to get back to work.

No one can tell you the best way to do things for you. You have to listen to your body and your mind, and do what is best and most healthy for you. Hopefully, that thing is writing. :)

Figment: Twist, the dive-bombing leopard gecko

50230 words so far Winner!

I feel like everyone else is giving up, but I gave up before I started, so I'm already back on track and rolling. -.- Not sure if that's good or not.
I have a feeling my time's coming. Right now's not hard, I just can't focus on one thing. I have two sections I want to write this instant and I can't do both at once. D:

51010 words so far Winner!

Congrats on your 4k day! You can so do this!

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