Tuesday Nights: Naperville + Writing + Coffee?

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Hey guys.
I'm from Minooka but have been a part of this group for a while. I normally find myself in Naperville on Tuesdays and heading home around 7. So, instead of going straight home, I was wondering if anyone (probably starting next week since it's a bit impromptu to start tonight) would want to just meet up and write together at a Starbucks or something? I don't have any Write-In plans or games or anything but thought it might be nice to just have a designated time and place to dedicate to writing.
Starting next week, I plan on doing it. 7pm. Starbucks. Not sure exactly which one. I'll post it when I decide. If anyone wants to join up and share a table or something, let me know :)

** And thanks guys for the support when I hated my MC. I'm pushing through on my novel and have nearly doubled my word count! Thanks for the encouragement! **

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The Caribou Coffee's in Naperville are usually better. More space, more outlets. The one we tend to go to even has a fireplace. It's located at the far right of a strip mall that includes Dominick's that's located off the intersection of North Aurora/Ogden and Raymond.

I could probably come next Tuesday. A little after 7.

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cableshaft wrote:
The Caribou Coffee's in Naperville are usually better. More space, more outlets.

Caribou also has the advantage of not tasting like burnt coffee beans. ;)

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Awesome. I didn't even think of Caribou. Good call. I'm up for it.

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I'll be at a coffee shop in Naperville tomorrow around 7:15/7:30. If anyone is interested in meeting up and sharing a table to write alongside, let me know :)

I was originally going to be at Starbucks (2728 W 75th St, Naperville, IL 60564) but if we want to get a group, I'll be up to moving trying to find Caribou.

*I'm also always up to meeting up at Joliet's Starbucks outside of Tuesdays. Just putting that out there*

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That Starbucks is fine for me, happens to be pretty close, although I didn't get much sleep last night, so I'm not sure if I'll still be in the mood to head out and write at 7pm. I'll try to make it out there though. Probably post here again if I'm not going to make it this week.

EDIT: Yeah, there's no way I'm going to make it. I'm struggling already and I still have 5 more hours of work to go. Maybe next week.

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Hey. Definitely next time.
Get some sleep.

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Are you going to be at the Starbucks on 75th tonight?
If so, I can add something to the calendar.
Just let me know.

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There's free coffee tonight at the Warrenville Public Library until 8:30 or so. I'll be in here, typing away - come legitimize my write-in!

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