I hate my story. Hate my MC. Is it too late?

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50675 words so far Winner!

It's day 5. I'm on page 5.Only 2500 words into it.
And I hate my main character. "You wrote her that way" But my FMC is a pain in the butt! She hates people. And once I get the story rolling to where she interacts with my other MC's, I have no idea how I am going to prolong this storyline. I don't know why I wrote her so jaded and cynical but I did. Not to mention, I'm not even sure I like where the other characters are going.

I'm half tempted to just scrap the whole thing and start over! Except I work 40 hours a week & my weekends are pretty much booked.

Help me! This is potential to quit!

Is it too late to just start all over on something completely different even though I don't have any planning or real solid ideas?

28000 words so far

I did yesterday!

Save those words and keep them towards your wood count and see where a new idea can take you! If it doesn't work, go back and try to rework the old one.

But don't give up! Even if you don't finish with the fifty thousand, you'll have a partially finished novel! No one says you have to so working November thirtieth!

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I understand how you feel when things start out poorly. I agree with Squiddish. Don't give up on Nano. Here are a couple of suggestions:

1. Introduce a new main character who pushed your current main character out of the focus

2. Start something new

3. Have your main character overhear a group of people talking about her and all her negative characteristics. Have your novel then interweave her attempting to change her characteristics while continuing with your plot. Even if you don't plot her character change, you'll have vented and feel freer to start new.

DON'T delete your words. All words count during Nano. Who knows maybe next time you'll find the creativity to rework your first 2,500 words.

You can do it!

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If you have stuff plotted that you want to use and the problem really is just the MC, You could try writing out all the reasons why your MC is the way she is. Out of that you might find a good idea for how to make her just a bit more someone you want to hang out with for 30 days. Or give her a hobby that you've always thought was awesome, then you can write about the hobby and she may get more interesting to you at the same time.

Or you can start another book, but if you think that's too daunting, at least try to play with your MC a bit to make her a bit more like someone you want to spend time with. Cynical people can have a fabulously snarky humor that is fun. Give the whole group some funny background that makes them go from jaded to giggling in 30 seconds whenever anyone says something like, "Slam poetry reading."

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*Giggles like mad for thirty seconds*

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