Photos from the Carol Stream and Woodridge Library write-ins

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50564 words so far Winner!

Photos from the Carol Stream and Woodridge Public Library write-ins yesterday are now available. Thanks very much to Sarah Kovacs (SarahK06) and Catherine Brennan (Cee-Bee) for organizing and hosting these write-ins.

Using a google docs spreadsheet to track the word wars and box of doom writing sprints in Woodridge, I see that the fourteen participants averaged over 2900 words written over the three hours of the write-in (note: still awaiting final stats from one participant; and another didn't record their output in the spreadsheet, so the average is actually higher). Several nanobots and nanobot-themed victory cards were won by the participants; and there was even a wrimorock given out as a prize.

Sarah gave out three itunes gift cards in Carol Stream's write-in (to Squiddish, Corrupted Flame and KatherineWriting).

Eight of us went out to lunch at Hot Dog Palace in Carol Stream (fun!).

I'll update this post soon with the list of participants.

50059 words so far Winner!

Here's who was at Carol Stream write-in if you want to find each other online:

Sarah K., SarahK06
Tim Y., NewMexicoKid
Joe T., Corrupted Flame
Katherine C., Squiddish
Katherine, KatherineWriting
Becky, Sapphire
Heather, ZCoyoteBlue
Matthew K., Archon_Huskie
Gabrielle, Gabrielle
Melissa, ziplizard
Ben R., brosenb2
Carol G., CJEGV
Gail L., midwestraised

We're having another one on Monday, Nov. 12 at 6 p.m. There will be more donuts and prizes!

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