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28000 words so far

... I decided to start over, with a new novel idea. It hit me after a conversation I had with my mom and I can't stop thinking about it. So I decided I'm setting my serial killer aside and ACTUALLY writing something that will be happy in the end. (There's some sad parts, too, but it helps the plot and it brings about that good character development and what have you.)

That, and I'd like to publish my first novel from this years NaNo so I want it to be something that I'd like everyone to read. (Everyone being the people I know, not the whole world) and I know quite a few people that wouldn't be comfortable or interested in writing a lit fic or a serial killer novel. Not that I'm writing to make other people happy, but I do want to have some sort of impact with my novels. (It IS why I write lit fic after all. xD)

So, anyone else switching course midstream? Or have you before?

25636 words so far

Yyyyyep. I made it about 800 words in when I realized "there is no way I can turn this into a novel. I'm not even sure this is a short story." So I'm playing around with some ideas now and will hopefully pick one by the time I get to the write-in today. There's a good chance I'm going back to last year's novel and continuing/finishing it. I'm not sure I can start something new until I've finished that first, but we'll see.

52161 words so far Winner!

I'm not switching... but when I tried to write the same story I'm doing now for Camp NaNo in August, NOTHING happened for the first week and a half, so I decided to count ANY fiction I wrote, and then just wrote whatever the heck came to mind. It was all fanfiction, and I don't think I made it much past 30,000 words, but I felt MUCH better.

28000 words so far

Haha... at least 800 isn't as bad as getting 15k in.

91896 words so far Winner!

How wonderful you found out in less than a week that your novel wouldn't work for you! That give you plenty of time to work through the plot of a new one. But hand onto the one you started. Who knows? Next year or next month you may come back to it and get excited by it or a new twist. I've changed the direction of my novel and even the focus but haven't had quite that radical of a change.

28000 words so far

I plan on keeping all my plotting and stuff and still very much like the idea. But with the intention of publishing this years novel, I just don't want that one to be it. ;)

Chances are good I'll come back to it in not too long. The characters can just get shoved back into their closets for the time being.

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