A printable sign for use at write-ins + stuffed animals + writing advice I found

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You can download and print out this PDF of a nanobot-themed NaNoWriMo sign I designed to use at write-ins when you're at a cafe (so other wrimo's can find you). Works best with card stock (or you could glue paper to cardboard from a cereal box or something). Be crafty. I will have a few of these to hand out on Sunday at the Naperville Library write-in.

If you download and print it out, please let me know by posting a reply to this thread, so I can see if this is useful this year.

Stuffed Animals
Our region (those of you at at our kick-off party know ;-) ) has a tradition of stuffed animals. So I would encourage you to bring your stuffed animal pal with you to any write-ins you attend. It will help others know you're from our region; and, if you ever get stuck in your story, you can ask your stuffed animal friend for help :-)

Other things of interest
Take a look at this blog for some advice on structuring your story (for those of us who didn't manage to complete this before November ;-) ). I especially liked

And this thread recommending Warren Murphy's guidelines for writing a novel.


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