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I am looking to start a writing partnership of two or three individuals focused on creating great fantasy fiction. Please be passionate about creating provocative and intelligent spec fiction, and getting published or sold. If you are interested in pursuing other genres that's fine, but this partnership will be specifically dedicated to fantasy--primarily contemporary/urban, high/mythic, epic/heroic, dark, science, and even sword-and-sorcery. (YA is also a possibility, depending on the focus and quality of your content.)
Since we'll be a partnership of two (or potentially three), we will work intensely on developing and completing our own projects while also assisting each other. You need to live in the NW burbs and have the time and commitment to meeting up regularly (once or twice a month) and communicating consistently (as needed).
Am I asking a lot? Certainly. But this endeavor will give a lot in return.
Be prepared to give honest criticism and helpful suggestions--and receive both in return.
Email me for more details with information like your favorite author(s) and what your writing and current project are most like at

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