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VicAnne 9 months ago
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My complete lack of technical skill is frustrating me once again. Last year I tried getting into the jabber chats and never seemed to figure it out. This year I started from scratch...installed pidgin, followed New Mexico Kid's instructions and still I can't seem to manage to get everything set up right or find the chat room.

After I get everything set up I get the message "you require encryption, but it is not available on this service" and the choices to modify account or reconnect.

Any advice on what I am doing wrong and how to fix it. I would love to join everyone for the virtual write ins since I most likely won't be able to attend them in person.

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Hi, VicAnne,
Sorry you are having so many problems connecting.

Pidgin troubleshooting

What should you do if you see error messages like: "require encryption which is not available on this server"?

Make sure that in the Accounts->Manage Accounts (from the Buddy list), select your new jabber account, then make sure that in the Advanced tab you don't have any of the top three boxes checked off under XMPP Options.

Does this help?

VicAnne 9 months ago
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It did. I'm in!

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