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Whitey 9 months ago
22287 words so far

Hello all - made my word count for today (1765) but the word count bar doesn't show up on my page. Anyone else having trouble? I searched the site and there are some others mentioning the same problem. They mention that only the MLs are showing word counts. I see that we don't have have much up either.

Wondering if I did something wrong. When I signed up, I didn't use the sign up area because it seemed to be asking me to create an account again. I just went into my existing account and did things that way. I did receive a sign up confirmation e-mail so I thought everything was fine.

Any ideas from technically proficient MLs?

50564 words so far Winner!

Steve, did you create your Novel for 2012 on the site? You have to have one defined to update your word count.


22287 words so far

Thanks Tim - very easy solve that I overlooked.

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