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Hello NaperWriMos!

I hope you will all be able to make our write-in on Saturday from 10 a.m.-noon. We will have refreshments and iTunes gift cards for prizes. If you plan on coming, please register so I can make sure to buy enough donuts:

See you Saturday,

Sarah Kovac
Adult Services Reference Librarian
Carol Stream Public Library

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Looking forward to your write-in, Sarah!


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Registered. (: I should be there!

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I registered, but I probably won't eat a donut.
I just bought 4 quarts of Oberweis ice cream. Had a gift card for donating blood, and the store had a 'buy 3 quarts get 1 quart free' special, so I ended up with 4 quarts of ice cream for $8.81.

50564 words so far Winner!

By the way, Catherine (Cee-Bee) is hosting the Woodridge Public Library write-in (location) 1:30-4:30 pm Saturday November 3rd. Anyone interested in having lunch (like we did last year) at a restaurant near the Carol Stream Library before the drive down to Woodridge?

Corrupted Flame
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Registered. Also, Tim, I would totally be up for that. That was great fun last year. =)

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.. possible. Indecisive. I was going to try and make it to the Yorkville write in after taht... but I could be persuaded to do otherwise if there's food involved. You know, I'm not picky.

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Hot Dog Palace, Carol Stream, after the Carol Stream write-in completes. Google map directions from the library (they say they are 3 minutes away).

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Have fun at the write-in. It's a little too far for me to make it this time. I'll be in the jabber so be there virtually if not physically.

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