Naperville Event in November includes Book Publisher Tour

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Spotted this and thought a couple people might be interested.

Ever heard of Ted Talks? They're a popular series of interesting talks given by people that are posted online for people to watch for free at:

Well, there's a Ted Talk session that will be in Naperville on November 9 this year, and when checking the ticket price I saw that you can choose to go on an adult field trip along with the event, and one of those trips is to the local book publisher Sourcebooks. Here's what it has to say about the "adventure":

"Have you dreamed of writing a book? Being an author? Sourcebooks, home of dozens of New York Times bestselling authors, takes you on a private tour into How A Book Is Made. This adventure takes you to Chicagoland's largest book publishing company, right here in Naperville, for a two hour overview of the book publishing process, from how books are chosen, to cover design, production, sales, marketing and the impact of ebooks."

I'm probably not going, but maybe one of you guys are interested, and I'm pretty sure Tim (NewMexicoKid) attended TEDxNaperville one year, so you can probably ask him about it. Here's the page if you want to read more about it:

TEDxNaperville Info

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I'm signed up for both TEDxNaperville and the Sourcebooks tour!

Thanks for posting this, Brian. It is an incredible event (I attended last year and the year before that). Great talks and the opportunity to meet with lots of interesting people (including mingling with the speakers).

Attending events like these open your mind up to new ways of thinking, which can really spark your novel writing.

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I'm signed up as well, which has me a little worried about my word count for that day. Guess I'll have to get up at 4 a.m. Oh, right, I tend to do that anyway.

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