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Not sure if anyone did this already, but just curious as to what areas everyone is from.

I go to Lewis University in Romeoville, but this was the closest region I could find to me, so it'll work!

Nice to meet you all!

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I'm in St. Charles, Missouri. This is...not even remotely the closest region to me, but it's the one that's closest to my heart. I'm originally from Homer Glen (I moved last February), which is very close to you in Romeoville. It's a bit of a hike to Naperville from there (40 minutes or more), but I guarantee that it's worth it to go to the events.

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I'm from Lemont. Yep. Boring place. Don't come here unless you're forced to. And that's speaking as someone who's always happy to come home. It's not a great place for tourism, but it's a good place to sleep at night. :P

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Downers Grove here!

I'm originally from Naperville, but we've since migrated a little west. Downers Grove is a wonderful town and it's nice and close to all the NaNo events. ;)

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I'm originally from Chicago, but currently living in Aurora.

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I'm originally from Massachusetts. I've lived in the Philippines, Florida, and Connecticut. Currently I live in Sandwich.

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Also Downers Grove (total coincidence that Sapphire and I live in the same place ;) ). Originally from Georgia. I didn't even have any idea that regions actually had a forum until I moved here back in '05.

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Wheaton! :D

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Gilman, Wisconsin. (Actually not even the tiny town of Gilman. I grew up on a farm 3.5 miles from Gilman.)

I've lived in Madison, WI,
Milwaukee, WI,
Ennis, Ireland
and now in
Warrenville, IL.

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New Mexico, originally (obWeird story: my father had a student while he was teaching at the University of New Mexico. This student applied for a job and noted his birth state (New Mexico); the place he applied wrote back saying that they only accepted applications from American citizens).

I can still remember being amazed and saddened to see that Indiana was flat and had no mountains in the distance.

I'm in Naperville now (link goes to a funny comic by HannahK, a relic of our inter-regional word war with Belgium-Holland (yes, we're a pretty storied region).


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Currently Naperville, the southern part, near Bolingbrook.

Formerly, the West Coast (California & Washington) after being born in Germany (dad was stationed there).

Next year this time, if all goes as currently planned, Peachtree City, GA.

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Born and raised (and still living with Mom and Dad) in Gurnee, IL, although I went to college down in Normal.

On the surface, I suppose it would be more logical to call myself a member of the Chicago region, and I found out about halfway through NaNo last year that my local library had weekly write-ins... but I started with Naperville, so I go to Naperville, and quite frankly, the write-in at my library was just lame. I think I only went once, and it was barely worth the five-minute drive. The write-ins in Naperville, on the other hand, were always worth the HOUR drive--in a gas-guzzling car with no lumbar support. Now I have a more comfortable car with almost twice the fuel efficiency, so hopefully I'll be able to make it a little more often this year!

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Glen Ellyn, basically all my life except for about 5 months in Jersey and 3 years in Chambana for undergrad.

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Hey guys! I'm from Joliet area :) Work in Bolingbrook.

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I'm in Oak Brook, about 20 min from Naperville and 5-10 min from Downers Grove :)

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I'm in Itasca. It's been a really busy October so I haven't been able to make any of the group meetings and November is proving just as busy, but after skipping NaNo completely last year, this year I'm determined to at least give it my best shot!

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I grew up and work in Tinley Park.
Currently live in Morris.

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Naperville here! Working through my first novel. Hope to make it to some write ins!!!

write on!

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I grew up in lots of places.
From South Elgin, to Streamwood, to Wheeling and Garden Prairie and now currently finishing my high school career in Carol Stream. Nice to meet you all! :)

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Originally London Uk but now in crest hill il

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