What do I do if the NaNo servers crash?? (Alternate sources of info)

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What happens when hundreds of thousands of users try to simultaneously use a site like NaNoWriMo? Ideally, everything hums along smoothly. But sometimes (and this has happened each of the last few years) the first few days of NaNo have server slow downs, timeouts and even crashes.

You may want to bookmark the following:

When November comes, you will want to spend most of your time writing, so sometimes it is a blessing in disguise when the site is down ;-)

Just keep track of your wordcount, check back periodically (like every few hours max) and visit the above alternate sites. NaNoWriMo's server will return to normal functioning after a while.

And please donate some $$ to the upkeep of the NaNo servers and code base. Little by little, things do improve.


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