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People Coming (as of 11/10/12 6 am)
Katherine (KatherineWriting) - all day
Sabrina (bookgrrl) - prob all day
Barry (FinBarrMcG) - definitely Rock Bottom part :) more of the day
Tim (New MexicoKid) - 10 - ?? (at least 3, maybe later.)
Katherine (Squiddish) - prob all day
Carly (ThePiratess) - CHANGED Probably not Making it
Jade (The Peddler of Dreams) - CHANGED May not make it
Joe (Corrupted Flame ) - all day
Becky (Saphire) - 2 pm - end
ziplizard - 11:15 -6 (or so)
mochomito - 2:00 or 4:15 - end
midwestraised - 10:15 - 3 or so
dedaragan - needs to borrow a laptop first
Dave (TRRDEDEAN) 10 - 12
VicAnne - CHANGED -- out
ethompson299 - in
sarastirsyou - 10 - end
Whitey - maybe part of the beginning
primafacia - 10 - 4:00
cableshaft - possibly all day
jen.e.moore - 12:15 - ??
Nidia.Ceylon - 2 - ??
Larkk -- 6:30 pm at Caribou until - ??
WritingStudent - 2 - end (maybe start earlier)

Tim and I were talking about the idea of a Progressive Writein, one where you move from place to place since that can stir the creative juices, and also help with getting stiff from being in one place too long. To avoid spending too much time getting from place to place, we're only driving 2.5 miles between the first place and the second and then can walk from one to the next until the last one which is back at Caribou. Since it's hours and hours of writing, it should help make it a worthwhile drive for those who live far away.

You don't have to make the whole day, but I bet it will be a lot of fun for those who do.

Bring a laptop with a good battery (every place has some outlets with most having pretty good coverage), your files (every place will have wifi but it's not always easy for every computer to get on every system), money for coffee/snacks/meals (not everyone has to buy something at every place, but if we're taking up tables in a restaurant or coffee shop, someone should buy something), and a sense of adventure.

We're going to start at the Caribou at 1523 North Aurora Road #107, Naperville, write for an hour, then move on to another place, then break for lunch (followed by some writing at that spot), then move on to another spot, and another, dinner break, then end up at the same Caribou we started at.

Details on the entire day are posted below so people can join us whenever they can. (I will do my very best to keep us on schedule.) Join for part, or hang with us all day and see how much fun writing can be! Note, because we will be moving around a lot, if it takes you a long time to set up, you can choose to skip one of the 'moves' and join us at the one after. That's fine as long as it's not a place we made a special arrangement with for a limited time. But try to borrow a laptop that can quickly restart, or consider writing long-hang so you can easily pick up and go.

Please reply to this thread if you're interested (and what times you can make) so we know to look for you.

Progressive Write in on November 10th, Saturday:

10:00 am Caribou at 1523 North Aurora Road #107, Naperville
Lots of outlets, free wifi and great coffee.
If you want to start before 10, feel free.

11:15 am Target Food Court -- 28201 Diehl Road, Warrenville.
2.5 miles from Caribou
Turn left on Raymond Drive, drive 1.4 miles
Turn right on Diehl, drive 1.1 miles
Turn right into Target mall (It is on the left.)
Limited outlets, but free wifi, and it's tucked back a bit with lots of tables. For those who want/need more coffee (or who are joining us here) there is also a Starbucks area which has more outlets, and a slightly nicer sitting area. If anyone needs groceries, or something from Target, they can get it at this stop. (Could also do a 'go find something X' challenge if anyone is stuck in their writing.

12:15 pm Atlantic Bread Company - 28251 Diehl Road, Warrenville
(next door to Target)
Lunch and writing. Number of tables near outlets, and can get McDonald's free wifi.
We'll eat and then write.

2:00 pm Hilton Garden Inn - 28351 Dodge Drive, Warrenville, Illinois
(near the Target and Atlantic Bread Company)
Lobby and/or restaurant area.
Outlets available, and Wifi.
There is a fireplace with soft chairs, and a table with chairs and we have permission to use the restaurant area as well.
(Kudos to Hilton manager Jennifer Langton for agreeing.)
Nice place and we don't have to buy anything to be here!

4:15 pm Rock Bottom Loft Area - 28256 Diehl Road Warrenville, IL
(Across the street from Target)
Outlets available, and Wifi
Writing, then dinner. (May need to move downstairs for dinner. Will break around 5:30 for dinner.)
(Kudos to manager Justin for agreeing that we can use the loft which will be an awesome place to write. (We may even be able to eat up there depending on the people who have it booked starting at 6.)

6:30 pm Caribou at 1523 North Aurora Road #107, Naperville
Back to where we started. Lots of outlets, free wifi, and yummy drinks.

Please RSVP if you can make it, and the hours that you'll likely attend. (I'll admit that I'm not sure I'll get much writing done after Rock Bottom myself, but then, I'm an early-morning writer, not a late at night one.)

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I will be there, Katherine, though probably from 10-3ish (depends somewhat on the availability of electricity since my laptop battery isn't great). If we have a source of electricity, I'll try to stay through dinner.

Thanks for organizing this! I've admired the progressive write-ins I've read about in the ML forum--they sound like a lot of fun.


201228 words so far Winner!

We will definitely have electricity at most of the locations. I'm going to check on places today, and the one I hope to use in mid-afternoon has tons of outlets. I'm pretty sure we'll be able to charge at least at every-other place, with some people being able to charge at every one, just not necessarily every person at every location. (Assuming we get a bunch of people interested.)

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I'm going to tentatively commit to this. (For the full day) But that's subject to change.

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I may make it to Rock Bottom for the very tail end, but I will for sure be at the Caribou for the last stop. :) Darn my having to work ALL DAY Saturday!

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The Peddler of Dreams
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This sounds like fun. I'm going to try to make it for as much of the day as possible.

I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions. ~James Michener

Corrupted Flame
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Going to make the attempt to be there all day for this. Sounds interesting!

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I believe I work that Saturday, but I may be able to make it over for the 2:00PM and later stops. I'll probably text Joe on my way out of work so I know where to go. :)

201228 words so far Winner!

Thanks to Hilton Garden Inn Manager and Rock Bottom Manager for agreeing that we can write in their locations. Extra credit for anyone who works three or more locations into their writing. :)

This should be a fun day -- coffee, strange locations, food, fireplace, different views, and other people writing.

We'll start and end at Caribou in Naperville. And in between we'll be around the Warrenville Cantera area -- but no sneaking off to watch a movie!

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I'm going to try to make it to the whole day but I might miss Caribou at the beginning and end if I sleep in/get burned out.

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I can probably make it by 2pm at the Hilton or probably 4:14pm at Rock bottom. I have to work in the morning, so as soon as i get off work, will probably drive over there.

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Off-topic, but your 'tiel is adorable. :D I've got a little budgie buddy~

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It sounds like a great day for writing and inspiration. I am going to try to make it from 10 - 3-ish. I'll need to head back before Rock Bottom. It sounds like a great place, also, though.

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I'd like to get in on this, but I need to come up with a laptop before I can. I don't know that I can borrow one for that long. ;)

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This sounds awesome. Only thing is I have a four-hour photography workshop that day so I'll have to miss it, but will you plan another?

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Pamebellezza wrote:
This sounds awesome. Only thing is I have a four-hour photography workshop that day so I'll have to miss it, but will you plan another?

When is your workshop? People can come for part of the day.

Not sure. It took a bit to work out the logistics. The best day would be the Saturday after Thanksgiving but I'll be in Ohio then so can't organize it. (May not even be writing much for a couple of days.)
Perhaps if the 10th is a great success, someone will organize another one.

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I plan to be there for the Caribou and the Target. Then I need to go to Yorkville for that write in. I'll stay connected through the jabber.

201228 words so far Winner!

I plan to be there for the Caribou and the Target. Then I need to go to Yorkville for that write in. I'll stay connected through the jabber.

The Progressive write-in is on the 10th. Are you doing Yorkville every Saturday? I thought it was just today. (the 3rd)
Today (the 3rd) people are heading to Carol Stream in the morning.

91896 words so far Winner!

I'll be there on the 10th, but am planning to host the Yorkville throughout the month on Saturdays. Didn't mean to cause confusion. We had a good group in Aurora last night, everyone seemed to enjoy it and wrote lots of words.

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This sounds fun. I've never been able to make write ins before. Saturday is the only day I would be able to occasionally make it. I'm not sure I'll make it all day but I'll meet at Caribou at 10 and see how long I make it.

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