What is a write-in?

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The answer to what is a write-in has been buried in other threads, so I thought I'd start a new posting. Feel free to chime in with what you like about write-ins.

If you've never been to a write-in, try to make one early in the month and see if it helps you with motivation and word count during November. Look for a NaNoWriMo write-in sign. There should be one on the table somewhere, or a bunch of NaNoWriMo stickers on laptops. Or laptops with labels. I usually have people put their screen names on the edge of their laptops to help with getting acquainted. (Not the laptops, the people.)

Write-ins are not like prep sessions. At write-ins, we mainly write. We don't share details about our novels--there isn't time since everyone is focusing on their own work. We do sometimes talk a little about writing in general, or how to work something unusual into our novels.

There are word wars--where we compete to see how many words we can write in X amount of time, often with prizes to the winner. Even if you're not a fast writer, you may still win since the fastest people only get to win once per write-in. And the winning is really how many words can be written during a write-in. Some people find them very, very useful.

You might be one of them.

Some write-ins are at libraries, others are at coffee shops, or restaurants during non-peak hours. If you want one in your neighborhood, schedule it. Let us (the MLs) know about it, and we'll post it on the calendar and at our Event list (which can be accessed even if the main site is slow or down.)

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Here's something I grabbed from another region last year:

Things to consider:

The ideal location should have:
* Accessible power outlets
* Adequate and reasonably comfortable seating (for about 5-10 writers)
* A good location: Ideally with decent parking
* Wifi is very preferable, but not required, as is caffeine

The ideal time should be:
* 2 hours (or more if people wish to stay) seems to be the preferred time
* Weekly is great, but less often is all right as well.

Get it booked!

Feel free to post on the forums or talk with other Wrimos in your area to get feedback on locations and times. When you've decided on a time and place, send your MLs an email with the following information:

* Day of the week/dates and time (e.g., Thursdays, 7-9PM)
* Location (include name and full address for the GPSers)
* Anything else Wrimos should know (i.e., The parking is around the back Look for the short girl in the highlighter-colored shirt)

We will get it added to the Google Calendar for you. Feel free to advertise it on the forums as well! It also helps to speak with the managers/owners of the location you have selected, particularly if you are expecting a number of people or if their location is small, so they will be prepared for hordes of writing nerds. Some even offer discounts!

The day of the writein:

Naturally, you should show up to your own writein, preferably early. If for some reason you can't make it, be sure to let people know on the forums or find someone else who for sure will be there and is willing to greet new people.

Come prepared with:
* Yourself
* Your laptop or other writing utensil
* A power strip
* A NaNoWriMo Write-in sign to identify the group.
* You don't have to have word war prizes, but they are usually appreciated.

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I have made 60+ NaNoBots for prizes for wordwars at the NPL-based write-ins (Sundays, Naperville) plus a few odd ones I might happen to attend.

Sorry the photos are a bit fuzzy :-/

Something tells me Squiddish wants to win this squid-bot:

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